Winter Homeschool Conference

This years conference was, in my opinion, the best yet.

Everywhere I turned I had friends or someone I knew. The speakers were incredible, booths were super fun, and the performance by the Silhouette Ballroom Dance Team was just amazing.

The dance after was split into four parts. First, a twenty minute performance by Silhouette, then a brief dance class so we would all know the two step, then another performance, Andy then the dance itself. It was supposed to end at ten but everyone was having so much fun it ended up going almost a half hour over.

Seeing the flowing skirts twisting around lightly stepping feet, people leaping through the air to show off their swing moves, dancing across the gym in couples or groups.

The dances at the conference are the best because everyone knows at least a little cha cha, waltz, swing, and probably other things too. So every partner you have has a slightly different style, tempo or step to go with the music.

I love all of the incredible actors and actresses I know from Shine Performing Arts Camp and how sweet and inclusive we all are.

Its like having a big family of crazy nerds.


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