Melting for You

Once Upon a Time…

There was a Little Marshmallow. She lived in Brenda’s cupboard with the rest of her marshmallow family. Just down the shelf from them, past the Hershey’s bars, Graham Crackers, and Starbursts, lived a small tin full of another family.

This tin was full cocoa packets, neatly lined up waiting for their turn in the hot water. One of the packets was about the same age as the Little Marshmallow, and although it was forbidden by their families, they soon developed a close kinship.

All Autumn long they would have long conversations that lasted long after the kitchen light had been shut off and no more shining slivers could be seen under the cupboards hinges.

But as Winter drew near, their lives became threatened. Winter was the season when cocoa with marshmallows was eaten the most, and one day when Brenda came to the cupboard to get herself a cup, the packet she grabbed was Little Cocoa, Marshmallows best friend.

Panicking, Little Marshmallow squirmed to the top of her bag, refusing to lose her best friend.

It worked, and Brenda was soon dropping Little Marshmallow and her siblings into the cup of Little Cocoa.

Cocoa pleaded with Marshmallow, begging her to hop out while she could. He couldn’t bear it, he said, if she was gone. But her arguement was similar, and she refused to leave.

Soon the boiling water was taking a toll on Marshmallows sugary outsides, and they began slipping away, swirling white and cream in Cocoa’s chocolatey depths.

Cocoa cried, but his tears only made the water hotter and stronger. The last thing he heard was his best friends voice, calling to him as her tiny face dripped away.

“Some people are worth melting for.”



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