Looking Back

Jamestown, New York

Looking Back on the Lucille Ball Comedy Festival

A few months ago I was given the opportunity to travel to Jamestown with my grandparents for this festival.

So, in Jamestown there were many different people, but they all shared one love, and that was of Lucy Ball and comedy. She was born there, and it created enough publicity to bring great business to the town. There were bus tours, cruises on Chautauqua lake, chocolate wrapping and grape stomping activities, vendors lining the streets, conga playing classes, comedy nights, live bands filling the streets with song and so much more.

The food itself was worth the trip. Everything tasted fresh and rich and the restaurants were clean and cozy. Their was a breakfast diner we went to nearly every morning and they remembered us and what we liked. There was a fancier place we managed to get reservations for one night, and although it was our waitresses first day she did an excellent job. The cafe across the street from our apartment made sure they were able to accommodate my grandmothers dietary needs and were always happy to give us a refreshing drink when the humid air was slowing us down. All in all, Jamestown had food as good, and better than, anywhere else I’be been.

Then for the tours. Guides were funny and brilliant, pointing out each little detail of the quiet town with eloquence and humor. We were able to travel around seeing old buildings, Lucy’s childhood haunts, wall murals of the show and beautiful brick roads. We stopped in the cemetery where Lucille’s memorial is (although she is buried elsewhere, if I’m remembering correctly) and our guide was able to tell us the ancestry of the headstones around us.

The cruise on Lake Chataqua was wonderful, once again the guide she and the food were fantastic and the service was great. I had the good fortune to meet a young family of five who invited me to sit with them. They were sweet, smart, talented and kind. We laughed and told each other about our home towns and shared stories about beloved pets. Their two daughters had costumes from the show and were wearing a different one each day. The cruise gave us the opportunity to enjoy good company and beautiful views.

One of the crowning events this year was the unveiling of the new Lucy statue. Before, there was the infamous “Ugly Lucy”.

Who, needless to say, did not go over well.

This year, they revealed a new statue who was done beautifully.

You can see this here. Everyone was very pleased with the new, elegant portrayal of their towns heroine. Fun Fact: each of the polka dots on her dress (look up the full picture to see the skirt, it’s lovely) each dot was hand done by the artist.

Over all, I hope to be able to go back to Jamestown, which is a quaint town with kind people full of spirit and pride for their legacy.

I strongly suggest that if you too ever get the chance to visit this amazing festival, do so. And please, comment below about what you thought of my views on the whole thing.



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