A Very Grumpy Christmas

Dedicated To Grandpa Derek and written at his request.

See “Story Ideas” for more.

And enjoy!


“Aaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeee….” Grace and her friends had been squealing over Georgia as she sat unhappily inside of a stocking, cell phones snapping pictures around her.

Grace was having a sleep over and the dozen teenage girls thought that her kitten, Georgia, was ‘just the cutest little snowball fluff they’d ever seen’ and that putting her inside of a Christmas Stocking for pictures would be the greatest thing.

Georgia did not agree.

In fact, she generally disagreed with just about everything. During the 12 weeks of life that she’d lived so far, she had learned that there was in fact a negative side to everything, and she was determined to find it.

Choco Chunk cereal got stuck to the roof of your mouth, fire pits with s’mores just made you sweaty and sticky and smelly, jelly beans were never the flavors you wanted and then they just got stuck in your teeth….

And so on and so forth.

“Come on, Georgie, look at the camera.” Grace tickled under her chin, hoping to coax out a purr, but the little kitten just turned the other direction. “Oh well. Hey guys, do you want to go watch the movie now?”

As the girls left the room, abandoning the cat on the living room floor, Georgia thought to herself, “At last. Took them long enough to get bored with me.”  She wriggled out of the over-sized sock and slowly crawled across to a stack of books. From there she hopped onto a chair, waited for it to stop spinning before lunging onto the desk next to it. Once she had finished her long journey to the windowsill, she had a good view of the busy street outside.

She curled up in a ball, licking her fluffy tail and smoothing her fur, still feeling ruffled from her time in the sock. Rain streaked the windows, and Georgia watched as it slowly hardened to hail, and then softened again into snowflakes.

Suddenly, something on the sidewalk below caught her gaze. A woman, elderly from what the kittens wide blue eyes could see, had slipped on an icy bit of ground, and was now lying on the ground, struggling to get up.

Georgia cocked her head, intrigued. “Ah good, the peasant has fallen for my entertainment.” She leaned forwards for a better look.

All of a sudden, down below, a man ran forwards and grabbed the woman’s arm. He waved, supposedly calling for help, and a couple other strangers rushed over.

The woman soon had a small crowd carefully lifting her up to a safe part of the sidewalk. The first man then hooked arms with her and helped her into a small cafe.

Georgia stared for a moment, slightly shocked by what had just happened.

Because what had was actually…nice.

Perhaps some of Georgia’s faith in humanity was being restored…


The cat yowled as her arch nemesis licked her, making all the fur on her back stand on end. Molly, the large, derpy dog that Grace’s mom loved so, had just come pounding up the stairs, covered in snow from playing outside on her walk. She shook, spraying the walls and desk, and especially Georgia, with icy bits of mud.

Georgia hissed, hackles raised, and attempted leaping from the windowsill to the ground. Molly bumped her midair and the kitten ended up sprawled across the bed.

Grace and her friends had heard the commotion and Georgia could hear them running up the stairs. They reached the doorway at the same time as Molly, who had gotten bored with terrorizing the cat.

“Molly, Bad Dog! No!” Grace scooped little Georgia into her arms, petting her fur back into place. “Oh, poor baby is all cold and shivery…Here, hand me that stocking, we can use it as a blanket.”

And so the miffed little fur-ball was once again placed rather unceremoniously inside the red and white sock.

Faith in Humanity? Not so much… Georgia growled and began the long process of cleansing herself.

And yet over the next few days a lot of little things seemed determined to change her mind.

The whole family had started one of their Holiday traditions of drawing each others names out of a hat once a week, then serving that person until the next drawings, and what Grace and her three little sisters did for each other and their parents was very sweet.

The first night after getting their Secret Santa assignments, little Ella – or was it Evelyn? The twins could be hard to tell apart sometimes – came into the room wearing her favorite fairy wings and waving a sparkly scepter about her head. Peering down the hall to ensure that she wasn’t being watched, she then proceeded to make grace’s bed as best as her tiny arms could, arrange her sister’s shoes sitting in the closet, and then out came a small candy cane to be placed near the pillow.

Ella smiled back at her handiwork before dancing down the hall, singing a tune from her favorite cartoon.

Georgia found herself eagerly waiting, wanting to know how Grace would react.

After a short while Grace came in to put on her pajamas. It took her a minute, but when she saw the candy cane and the little line of shoes and the wrinkly bedspread, a smile spread over her face.

“Aren’t my siblings so cute?” She asked the little kitten. Bending forwards and speaking in a low voice she added, “I’m pretty sure Ella or Evelyn did this. If it had been Susan the bed would have been made better.”

Humming a carol to herself she finished getting ready for bed and then pulled Georgia onto her chest, rubbing her ears. Against her better judgement, the kitten began to purr slightly.

A surprised grin spread over Grace’s face, and as she enjoyed her candy cane, she even let the cat have a couple licks.

Right before her heavy eyes closed, the girl brushed a light kiss on the cats nose, “Merry Christmas.”

Georgia tilted her head and mewed slightly.

Merry Christmas indeed.

To Be Continued…





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