Story Ideas

Hey everyone!

So I had a few short story ideas, please tell me which ones sound the most interesting to you, and I will write about them. Thanks!

Grim Reaper – escorting each person to the afterlife of their religion

Long-Time Ghost – only haunting for the paycheck at this point

Cat – hates all and only lives for the constant torment of others. Christmas Miracle changes its point of view on humanity

Vampire – doesn’t know he is a vampire, keeps mistaking the signs for other things, aka just bad sunburns or allergies to garlic

Demon of the Night – wanders the streets and prevents suicide attempts and crime

Paid Assassin Team – when they kill they get that persons best trait, but only what the victim thought their best trait was, aka killing for super speed, instead getting a nicely shaped nose

Vampires – really old, just being daredevils and doing things they aren’t supposed to, aka eating garlic bread and then as they are wheeled to the ER they’re like, “I’ve lived a thousand years but I’ve never known life until this day…”

And Finally…

A Hospital Run By Monsters (set in the same universe as the short story ‘The Good Monster’ which I recently posted), – Vampire doctors that can smell f you have a blood disease, werewolf therapy animals, nature sprite and nymph nurses that make sure every plain room has flowers to brighten it and keep the oxygen fresh, Fauns that dance and sing as entertainment for patients, etc…

So there they are, please let me know which you think sounds the best!


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