Ella let the warm water run over her hands, the rust that had been stuck under her fingernails coloured the grimy sink slightly orange. She turned, grabbing a towel and carefully, painstakingly she rubbed the water from each of her metal joints.

Sighing, she turned back to her kitchen still holding the towel and dropped it on the table. A bark came from the patio door.


Ella opened the slider and her three legged golden retriever slid across the carpet, tongue lolling out of her mouth.

“Moriarty stop th- come back here!” Ella chased him as he knocked over a table throwing papers flying through the air. But both of them ended up laying on the ground, their missing legs a bit of a disadvantage when it came to running.

Ella had been born missing both her right leg and arm. At the age of ten she had been given a shelter dog for her birthday. The dog had the same deformity n her back right leg as she did.

And so Moriarty and Ella had become a team, working through their exercises together.Now, 7 years after that first fateful meeting, they were in a nice flat in the middle of the city. Moriarty was old enough now that his fur was turning silver instead of gold, and yet he still loved to play more than most anything else.


One thought on “Cyber-Ella

  1. outlawedprincess says:

    I will read the next few additions, but thought it might be nice to give credit for this idea to the author who wrote the cyber version of Cinderella in the first place! Love those books! Your carrying on the character here is great fun!


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