The Swallower Part Five

One week later…

Toby had decided that Asana was a safe person to be around, and now followed her everywhere, hopping around using his wings to glide a couple feet before tripping over rubble and tumbling to the floor.

Together they worked hard to clear the house and fix small damages. It seemed to be better than Asana had initially thought. In fact, they still had power, running water, and all their other usual utilities. The holes in the walls just made the house feel more open, and the scrapes on the floor could easily be covered by rugs.

Trying to look on the bright side of everything worked of the most part, and Asana and Toby got a lot of work done. But every time they stopped to take a breather, Asana couldn’t help continuing her worrying for Summer, Autumn, and Maria.

Where were they and what had happened to get them there?

A snarling meow broke her train of thought, and Asana reached down to pick up Toby. He’d been scratching at his bandages again, and some blood was soaking through.

Sighing, she carried him to the kitchen counter. The kitchen was no longer just a place to make food. Asana had put a wad of blankets in the corner to serve as Toby’s bed, and was using all of Maria’s other cat supplies she’d had for her snowshoe (who had also failed to turn up during cleanup). Asana had also pulled out all food she could find, which was an incredibly large amount, and put it all where she could keep track of it in cupboards and taking up more counter space.

Unwrapping Toby’s front paw and leg, Asana wrinkled her nose. She had never liked dealing with hurt or injuries. Carefully, she reapplied more salves and essential oils followed by even more bandages.

Placing him on the floor, she straightened up, putting pressure on her lower back to support herself. Oh, she ached…

The calendar was still hanging, slightly crookedly, on the wall in front of her. She tilted it back into place and traced the numbers with her fingers until she found today’s date, October 1st. She’d been on human land for two months now. It didn’t feel like that long, everything had gone by so fast…

A whistle squealed through the kitchen and Asana had to rush to turn the stove off as she picked up the tea kettle full of boiling water for her hot chocolate. Grabbing her thermos with the hot chocolate powder already inside, she poured in the water and stirred it with one hand while grabbing a small dish with the other. She set down her drink and poured some milk into the dish, laying it on the floor next to Toby, who purred happily.

Asana leaned back against the wall, and together they enjoyed their treat, wondering what tomorrow would bring.


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