Romeo and Juliet

“If you all keep this up, there won’t be a play for you to argue over in the first place!” Miz Suzanne put her face in her hands. I felt bad for our poor drama teacher. Then again, I was about to give up on Shakespearean Drama myself.

The last two years I’d been in it everything had gone smoothly. We studied one of William’s plays the first semester, and performed it the second one.

But this year, when we were studying the classic Romeo and Juliet, a battle broke out. Half the class was convinced that the story was a beautiful tragedy about how love defeats the poisonous hatred and prejudice of the world.

I was on the half that disagreed, certain that the wise Shakespeare had made the story as a warning to youth that shallow lust only went so far, and could hurt those around you.

The class couldn’t decide on how to portray our piece, and now every class was spent with kids shouting angrily while Miz. Suzanne tried to contain us.

Three kids had dropped out already, and after the first couple of days half the class started trying to take naps on the floor.

Finally, the class ended, and Elise and I headed out the door. As we walked across the field, she nudged my shoulder.

“Hey, look over there.” Turning, I saw Jared, Mike, and some of the other guys they liked to hang out with, running around with a soccer ball. Mike saw us looking and cat-called, elbowing Jared.

“Ughhh run away..” Elise pulled me the other direction.

“I can’t I’m in heels.” Shrugging, we dodged a group of junkies and headed down the sidewalk.


“Wanna come to my place? We can watch Finding Dory, my sister just bought it.” We hurried across the street before the light changed.

“Oh that sounds great!” Laughing I finished, “Aren’t we so mature?”

Elise grinned. “Never too old for Disney.”

“True that. We should make cookies when we get to your place.” I suggested.







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