A Young Girl’s Dream

My sister, Kelli, is eleven years old. She decided, when she was around six, that she wanted to be a paleontologist. Since then, she has studied every major paleontologist, given better tours than even the park rangers can at fossil museums, and read hundreds of books, many of which are far above her average reading level. When she has a question, she finds the answer.

Recently, she started watching something that I believe is called “Prehistoric Park”, which is a show to teach children about dinosaurs. She and my other sisters watch it in their leisure time.

A very short while ago, she decided to start writing about this show in her own way. Here is what she has so far. Thank you for reading this, for in doing so, you are supporting a young girl’s dream.



Paleontology Note-pad

Hello! I’m Nigel Marvins and I am in quite a hurry to write this quickly because I am being chased down by a particularly vicious pack of velociraptors so let me apologize for my handwriting. I am quite shaky, but you would be to if you were in my position. Why am I being chased down by vicious raptors? You might ask. Well, I would answer, I used a special type of time portal  to save dinosaurs from the brink of extinction but at the moment I am also trying to save myself. After all, it isn’t every day you’re in the cretaceous period! I hate to leave but I’m afraid i must. See you at the paleontology learning park!


Chapter One

Welcome to prehistoric park! Today we will be setting out to track down some Mega-Raptors! They are some of my favorite dinosaurs and I will tell you why,  Mega-Raptors are raptors the size of Tyrannosaurus-Rex, they were found in Mongolia, where I’ve always wanted to visit and here’s my big chance now all I have to do is set the time portal to Mongolia 50,000 years ago and get a couple Mega-Raptors through the time portal and into Prehistoric Park, which trust me, will not be an easy job.



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