WTF Facts have once again amazed me. I hope you find these as fascinating as I did!

First we have this…


If we could find a way to use this to our advantage, we would NEVER have to worry about drought again. Unfortunately, its in space, and we are stuck here.




How cool is it that little clues like this can be seen so long after?


Here’s some good news for me! I wouldn’t be so short anymore.


When space travel becomes possible, I’m going to move to Neptune and get rich!


I wonder what it would be like to be present for a blue sunset.




I guess Earth still does have some bragging rights over the giant rock floating in space that we call Luna…


This one just made me laugh.


I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did!


The Swallower Part Five

One week later…

Toby had decided that Asana was a safe person to be around, and now followed her everywhere, hopping around using his wings to glide a couple feet before tripping over rubble and tumbling to the floor.

Together they worked hard to clear the house and fix small damages. It seemed to be better than Asana had initially thought. In fact, they still had power, running water, and all their other usual utilities. The holes in the walls just made the house feel more open, and the scrapes on the floor could easily be covered by rugs.

Trying to look on the bright side of everything worked of the most part, and Asana and Toby got a lot of work done. But every time they stopped to take a breather, Asana couldn’t help continuing her worrying for Summer, Autumn, and Maria.

Where were they and what had happened to get them there?

A snarling meow broke her train of thought, and Asana reached down to pick up Toby. He’d been scratching at his bandages again, and some blood was soaking through.

Sighing, she carried him to the kitchen counter. The kitchen was no longer just a place to make food. Asana had put a wad of blankets in the corner to serve as Toby’s bed, and was using all of Maria’s other cat supplies she’d had for her snowshoe (who had also failed to turn up during cleanup). Asana had also pulled out all food she could find, which was an incredibly large amount, and put it all where she could keep track of it in cupboards and taking up more counter space.

Unwrapping Toby’s front paw and leg, Asana wrinkled her nose. She had never liked dealing with hurt or injuries. Carefully, she reapplied more salves and essential oils followed by even more bandages.

Placing him on the floor, she straightened up, putting pressure on her lower back to support herself. Oh, she ached…

The calendar was still hanging, slightly crookedly, on the wall in front of her. She tilted it back into place and traced the numbers with her fingers until she found today’s date, October 1st. She’d been on human land for two months now. It didn’t feel like that long, everything had gone by so fast…

A whistle squealed through the kitchen and Asana had to rush to turn the stove off as she picked up the tea kettle full of boiling water for her hot chocolate. Grabbing her thermos with the hot chocolate powder already inside, she poured in the water and stirred it with one hand while grabbing a small dish with the other. She set down her drink and poured some milk into the dish, laying it on the floor next to Toby, who purred happily.

Asana leaned back against the wall, and together they enjoyed their treat, wondering what tomorrow would bring.

Romeo and Juliet

“If you all keep this up, there won’t be a play for you to argue over in the first place!” Miz Suzanne put her face in her hands. I felt bad for our poor drama teacher. Then again, I was about to give up on Shakespearean Drama myself.

The last two years I’d been in it everything had gone smoothly. We studied one of William’s plays the first semester, and performed it the second one.

But this year, when we were studying the classic Romeo and Juliet, a battle broke out. Half the class was convinced that the story was a beautiful tragedy about how love defeats the poisonous hatred and prejudice of the world.

I was on the half that disagreed, certain that the wise Shakespeare had made the story as a warning to youth that shallow lust only went so far, and could hurt those around you.

The class couldn’t decide on how to portray our piece, and now every class was spent with kids shouting angrily while Miz. Suzanne tried to contain us.

Three kids had dropped out already, and after the first couple of days half the class started trying to take naps on the floor.

Finally, the class ended, and Elise and I headed out the door. As we walked across the field, she nudged my shoulder.

“Hey, look over there.” Turning, I saw Jared, Mike, and some of the other guys they liked to hang out with, running around with a soccer ball. Mike saw us looking and cat-called, elbowing Jared.

“Ughhh run away..” Elise pulled me the other direction.

“I can’t I’m in heels.” Shrugging, we dodged a group of junkies and headed down the sidewalk.


“Wanna come to my place? We can watch Finding Dory, my sister just bought it.” We hurried across the street before the light changed.

“Oh that sounds great!” Laughing I finished, “Aren’t we so mature?”

Elise grinned. “Never too old for Disney.”

“True that. We should make cookies when we get to your place.” I suggested.






Our Fascinating Earth

So you know how people joke about digging a hole to the other side of the planet?

What would actually happen is not as fun. According to WTF Fun Fact #4281, if you could dig a hole through the earth and jump in (without dying), you would not come out the other side. You’d fall down for twenty minutes until you reached the center, then technically you’d be considered ‘falling up’ until you made it to the opposite surface – where you’d fall down, over and over again, forever.

#2. The total weight of all the ants on the earth is about the same of the weight of all the humans on the earth. That means there are about one million ants to each person.



#3. How about this to think about. No one actually knows who named Earth.


#4. This one is somewhat sad, I’m sorry. Approximately 107 billion people are believed to have lived on earth, and (sad part, get ready) around 40% died before the age of 1.



#5. Mosquitoes have killed more humans than all the wars in history.


#6. If we put a giant mirror 10 lightyears away from Earth and looked at it through a telescope, theoretically we’d see twenty years into the past.


#7. About four hundred million years ago, before trees were common, the earth was covered with giant mushrooms.


#8. Reagan and Gorbachev agreed to pause the Cold War in case of an alien invasion.

cold war.jpg

#9. Outer space is only an hour away if you could drive your car straight up at 60 MPH.

flying car.png

#10. If there was no space between any of its atoms, earth would be the size of a baseball.



A Young Girl’s Dream

My sister, Kelli, is eleven years old. She decided, when she was around six, that she wanted to be a paleontologist. Since then, she has studied every major paleontologist, given better tours than even the park rangers can at fossil museums, and read hundreds of books, many of which are far above her average reading level. When she has a question, she finds the answer.

Recently, she started watching something that I believe is called “Prehistoric Park”, which is a show to teach children about dinosaurs. She and my other sisters watch it in their leisure time.

A very short while ago, she decided to start writing about this show in her own way. Here is what she has so far. Thank you for reading this, for in doing so, you are supporting a young girl’s dream.



Paleontology Note-pad

Hello! I’m Nigel Marvins and I am in quite a hurry to write this quickly because I am being chased down by a particularly vicious pack of velociraptors so let me apologize for my handwriting. I am quite shaky, but you would be to if you were in my position. Why am I being chased down by vicious raptors? You might ask. Well, I would answer, I used a special type of time portal  to save dinosaurs from the brink of extinction but at the moment I am also trying to save myself. After all, it isn’t every day you’re in the cretaceous period! I hate to leave but I’m afraid i must. See you at the paleontology learning park!


Chapter One

Welcome to prehistoric park! Today we will be setting out to track down some Mega-Raptors! They are some of my favorite dinosaurs and I will tell you why,  Mega-Raptors are raptors the size of Tyrannosaurus-Rex, they were found in Mongolia, where I’ve always wanted to visit and here’s my big chance now all I have to do is set the time portal to Mongolia 50,000 years ago and get a couple Mega-Raptors through the time portal and into Prehistoric Park, which trust me, will not be an easy job.


A Fly’s Life


Well, only partly. But it’s a rather important part, really. When your life ends it usually is something you take notice of.

Hi. I am Francis Pope John Paul Ringo George the Third.  Most people call me Franny.

I had a great life before I died, suddenly and tragically.

I lived with my best friend. He was also my only friend, but I prefer not to focus on the details.

His name was Dave. But I liked to call him The Best Person Ever.

One of my favorite things about him was that he didn’t hate anyone! I mean, he did yell at the Pizza delivery guy for being twenty minutes late, but who wouldn’t?

My favorite thing about him though was that he didn’t mind that we were different species. I was a fly, only a couple hours old when we met. Still young, dumb, and ugly. But he was only a young human, so we made a good pair.

He showed me all around his flat. A couple times he tried to give me a high five, but he forgot that I was so tiny that I would fall out of the air. He would start yelling, all upset at himself, but I’d remind him that everyone makes mistakes, and we’d continue on our way.

That night, he curled up in bed, but I watched some cat videos on the big black square of power, since he’d left it on. And it only took me about an hour to type “crt vidyos” into the YouTube, so it was totally worth it.

I shared all his meals with him, we watched TV together, he even introduced me to his other friends when they came to watch a ball game for feet. And when he went away in his big growling box for ‘work’, I wept until he came back.

I think I cried all the juices out of me though, because I felt very sluggish and tired for the next few hours. That’s why when I saw a great big Daddy Long Leg coming towards me, I flew up and knocked into Dave’s face (that’s how we communicate) and had to get him to fight it for me. He grabbed the big Spatula of Slapping and ran after me back to the windowsill.

I landed next to the spider, indicating where he should hit, but then out of nowhere, I felt less like a powerful and very handsome fly, and more like a squished piece of blergh.

The last thing I saw before the darkness was the spider laughing as he scurried away, and Dave.

Dave’s beautiful smiling face. He was obviously sad, but was trying to keep a happy face for me. He was so sensitive and caring that way. Then my vision clouded over and…that’s how I died.

You might wonder why I’m telling you all of this. See, now that I’m gone, Dave will need someone to watch over him. And even though it hurts me to say this, he needs a new best friend. So if you are looking for the nicest, fly-loving person on the planet, please go to Dave’s house, at 221B Baker St. London, England.

Take care of him now that I can’t.