Hazel Rose


A wave smashed down over top of Hazel Rose, and she came up choking. Trying to clear her view, she had to wipe salt water out of her eyes and almost sunk again as another wave came towards her. Focusing hard, she zapped forwards with a pop, and was suddenly free falling back down towards the ocean she had come from.

But before hitting the water, she focused on another point in the air, even farther than before, and with another pop was suddenly falling from there instead.

The sensation of death defying acts, while knowing that she would most likely survive, both terrified and thrilled Hazel.

You see, for most people, falling towards the ocean without any parachute or way to save themselves was suicide. But for Hazel Rose, it was a usual way of transportation. She had the rather original ability of teleportation.

Of course, she had her limits. She could only go to where she could see with her own two eyes, and although she was much older than she looked (around a couple hundred years she was guessing, but she couldn’t remember), she was not immortal.

HazelRose - W

Right now, Hazel was traveling again. She usually was, but this was definitely a longer stretch than usual. 3,026. That’s how many miles are between Maine and England. And that was the trip she was taking, across the ocean. Traveling at about 230 miles every couple of minutes or so, she was making good time anyways.

13.1565217391. That’s how many times she would have to teleport in a row, without forgetting to keep herself out of the water. She also had to make sure not to drop her backpack, which contained the few things she owned. Oh, and also, maybe not falling in the water like she had a few minutes ago on her third jump would be good.

Popping again, she soared another stretch, although it was a bit shorter. She estimated it was about 210 miles.

Continuing on her way, she eagerly anticipated the adventures that awaited her in England. In the past, she had perused many careers, including Animal Behaviorist, Lawyer, Social Worker, Chef, Matchmaker, Food Critic, and YouTuber. But lately, she was trying out being homeless. Not a hobo, mind you, just homeless. She could obviously travel very easily, and it had been a long time she had seen the world like she had wanted to.

Staying in hotels or apartments suited her just fine, and she didn’t have any trouble getting good food or anything. The only thing that had ever bothered her about long-distance traveling was how hard it was to bring anyone with her.

Not that she had any friends or family, but she had been hoping to adopt a dog soon. The hard part wouldn’t be taking care of it, it would be keeping it safe while they were in the air.

Sighing, Hazel Rose brushed a strand of her short brown hair off her face, and focused on the spot for her fifth Pop. She called them Pops because she had no idea what else they should be called. Besides, when she was younger and still learning how to use her abilities, saying ‘Pop’ to herself would calm her and take away some of the fear, turning it into just another funny little hop.

In a while, she’d be in England, and then she’d rest in the countryside for a night before traveling on to London itself. hopefully there she would be able to find some sort of a backpack-carrier-thing that would be sufficient to hold the shelter dog she planned on adopting next.

In the meantime, however, she had a chance for some of the most incredible views. Allowing herself to drop out of the sky long enough for her to unclip her camera from it’s water-proof case at her side, and then after another Pop, angling it for the some pictures, she grinned. these would turn out beautifully. Maybe she’d drop them off at a gallery once she got them printed. Or add them to the book she was currently writing.

The busy girl smiled into the sunset, secure in the knowledge that although she may be alone, with no friends or family to speak of, that didn’t mean it would always be that way. She truly believed that someday she would find someone who had answers for her, who could tell her about her past and the things she’d forgotten. But until then, focusing on the simple pleasures was all she needed.

Hazel Rose







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