The Swallower Part Three

The eyes closed, and for a moment Asana searched the darkness for where they had gone. But when they opened again, the small green things hadn’t moved a bit. Watching them the whole way, Asana walked over and flipped the light switch on.

What the brightness revealed was shocking. An odd creature, somewhere between a cat and a dragon was lying on the floor, a dark wet spot around it. Even stranger still, the animal seemed only to be a baby.

And the wet spot? It was blood.

“Oh, you poor thing!” Asana started to rush towards it but froze as it howled and tried to pull itself back to into the mound of dirty clothes it was half-hiding in. “No, no, no…It’s okay I won’t hurt you…come on…” But try and coax as she might, the small dragon-cat only hissed and cried.

Asana sat back on her heels, trying to think. Finally a thought struck her, and she seized a blanket out from under the crumbly mess on her bed. It was a worn old thing, green with tattered and fraying ends. Asana pulled on a strand of it until she broke off a piece long enough for her uses.

And then, remembering the octopus she had had as a pet for many years of her childhood, she dangled the almost rope-like string out in front of the dragon-kitten.

Its eyes lit up, and in pain as it was, the kitten opened its mouth in a small smile, sharp fangs gleaming. One small paw reached up and batted at the string. Tauntingly, Asana pulled it back…then leaned in closer…and back again…until the kitten finally snagged it on its claw and pulled it close, chewing on the middle.

While it was distracted, Asana quickly grabbed the blanket again with one hand, and, dropping the string, tossed it over the dragon-cat, which, of course, immediately began to howl again. But her mission was accomplished, and Asana was able to carry the angry, squirming thing back down to the kitchen. Clearing filth off the island counter, she placed the bag on it and, making sure to keep a firm hold on the corners, she reached for a couple of bowls.

She then somehow, miraculously, managed to maneuver the cat from the blanket and in the middle of the two bowls instead.

But now what to do?















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