The Woman

A short story I started while traveling across the country these last couple of weeks.

Also, as an update, I am now in California with my cousins, and when I fly home I immediately start school.

So here it is:

Swirling skirts, high stepping feet, people laughing, dancing and shouting. Music played smoothly across the ballroom. Gentlemen were bowing to their partners, and flushed women were taking their arms, huge smiles across their faces.

But one girl, her small frame complimented by a full golden dress, leaned against the corner of a wall, her face hidden by an elegant black handheld fan. Only her vibrant green eyes framed by long dark lashes could be seen of her face. Her smooth brown hair was cut short and hanging over her left ear.

Intrigued by the mysterious girl, a certain person wove his way across the floor to ask for a dance.

Her green eyes looked up and met his warm brown ones. They widened, and she suddenly ducked away behind a table.

At this angle, he could see high cheekbones and full red lips set in flawless skin. But the beautiful face was twisted into a miserable frown.

Confused by her actions, he followed her quickly, slipping in between dancers and running across a stage. But as he too turned a corner. there was no longer anyone to follow.

She had vanished.




Jacob woke up on the floor, his sheets tangled around him. He’d fallen off his bed and onto his almost-as-comfortable carpet.

Groaning and rubbing his eyes, he squinted at the bright sun shining through his window. How could it be morning already? He’d only just gone to sleep.

Pulling the blankets back onto his bed as he walked past, Jacob tiredly continued with his morning routine.

As he brushed his teeth, he thought about his dream, which was really more of a memory. The mysterious girl, the ball, the music… he’d been there once for real, and he’d chased a girl, but unfortunately not the one who’d been standing in the corner. Although he had noticed her at the dance, he’d become distracted by another acquaintance, and when he looked up- she was gone.

Jacob had always regretted letting her escape before even getting her name, but lately the memory seemed determined to haunt him…

Sirens were outside the window again. They were so often in Jamestown, NY that Jacob had gotten used to it. The sound, usually jarring to others, played as a sweet melody to him.

And so once again that morning, he allowed himself to be distracted and forgot about the girl of his dreams.





“Mr. Peters?” Could you tell me where this goes please?” Looking up from his cluttered desk, Jacob saw Paige, his assistant, carrying a box that looked nearly bigger than her. Jumping up to help, he guided her to the break room and they eased the box up onto a table.

“Thanks.” Paige panted, bending over with her hands resting on her knees.

Wiping the dust that had gotten onto his hands onto his slacks instead, Jacob replied. “Sure,m no problem. What is it anyways?” He leaned forwards for a better look but Paige pushed him back.

“It’s a surprise. Now, no peeking while I’m out on my lunch break!” Shooing him in front of her and locking the door behind them, she bade him goodbye and scurried towards the elevator.

Shaking his head, Jacob went back to cleaning his own messy desk. On the top of the pile of papers was a drawing he didn’t recognize. Picking it up, he realized it was of the woman from his dreams! And in the corner was a phone number.

Frantically, he reached for his cell phone, accidentally knocking it on the floor. He bent down to retrieve  it and hit his head on the underside of his desk while straightening up. Groaning, he pulled himself up onto his chair and reached again for the drawing.

But now it too, like the woman herself, had disappeared.





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