Oregon and the Olympics

Well, I’m not in New York, or Chicago, or Utah or even Idaho. I’m back in my home state, Oregon, Land of the Weird. 

We are staying with my grandparents – different ones from Grandpa Joe and Grandma Lydia – in Hillsboro, and today they took us to the Portland Zoo, my favorite zoo in the world. We saw the Lions, Cheetah, Elephants, Chimps, Hippos, and so much more. My favorite were the Seals, and Grandpa was sweet enough to get the stuffed animal version of one for me. 

So backing up a little bit, Grandma Lydia and Joe took me to Boise, Idaho, where they dropped me off at Great Aunt Jeanie’s, I hung out with her all day and my own family joined us later that evening.

We spent that evening happily, and the next morning started our drive to Oregon. We arrived at my Grandpa Derek and Grandma T’s house at about 6pm, although we did stop and visit a friend for a bit that day as well.

Now it is Friday, August 12th, at 10:13pm, and we have been watching Katie Ledecky set her new world record in the Swimming portion of the Olympics. Seeing her and Michael Phelps and Simone Biles and Aly Raisman…they are incredible. 

So it’s been very fun, but now it’s very late, so goodnight, sorry this entry was so short.


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