New York, New York Part Five

Log Nein – 11:03 8/6/2016

So we went to the Conga class and learned how to play the drums. it was super fun! We had the Tropicana dinner that evening, and it went really well. People took pictures and complimented us and you know what, I’ve decided I like being a small-town celebrity.

Yesterday we went to Lisciandro’s for breakfast, I got eggs and toast and sausage and it was amazing. Next was the cruise. It was so much fun and my anxiety over the deep water was just fine. until the spiders, that is.

I ended up sitting with this wonderful family of five, and I adore them so much. We’ve exchanged numbers and plan to keep in touch. Well, while we were all sitting happily, enjoying the breeze and the Shirley Temple’s, I saw a spider. About the sixe of a quarter, plus the legs. It was right behind us!!!

Well, the dad of the family knocked it off the boat, and we were fine, until we saw more. We killed about a dozen, and saw at least that many more of the huge, creepy crawlies and no one else seemed to notice or care.

After the slightly traumatizing and yet rather interesting cruise, Grandma and I headed to the apartment, planning on going to the Lucille Ball College of Comedy thing, but we were too late. The nice ladies giving us a ride agreed to take us to Lucille’s childhood home for the yard sale they have yearly.

I got souvenirs for my entire family and a couple of my friends, and the end total was a very nice price, especially since I am running out of cash quick.

Back at the apartments, we decided not to go to the William Shakespeare thing at 3, and instead are doing it today. However, we did go to the Lucy and Ethel show, which was extremely well done and very entertaining. I even got to sit with the family from the cruise again!

We went to Shawbucks Pressroom Restaurant for dinner, and their French Onion Soup and Strawberry Shortcakes are very good, let me tell you that.

Now it is Saturday, and we have a few things to do so i will get back to you later.

Thanks for reading!


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