New York, New York Part Four

Log 8 – 2:04pm 8/4/2016

It’s been a while since I’ve written, my laptop broke down and so I’m borrowing my grandma’s. Hopefully I’ll get my poor baby fixed up soon!

Anyways, we are in Jamestown! We are staying in the Artone Apartments, which are lovely, and we have been having loads of fun.

Last night was the red carpet Gala and we were introduced, pictures were taken, and the costumes and other assorted objects they had had donated were so lovely.

After a while it was soon to be time for the cutting of the cake and I went downstairs to join everyone with the hours d’ oeuvres. they were playing swing music, and since I’m in a ballroom class, I decided it would be fun to dance.

A couple sweet little old ladies cosplaying as Lucy and Ethel from the ‘Job Switching’ episode and I all got up and danced, and soon everyone on the floor had joined in.

Then my Grandpa Joe and Great Uncle Mike were called up, but before they sliced into the cake the announcer asked if one of them would lead us all in singing Happy Birthday to Lucille Ball.

Grandpa made eye contact with me. Don’t do it. Please, please don-

“Why doesn’t my granddaughter start us off?” He suggested.

And so, with cameras trained on me, and everyone staring, i walked from the middle of the crowd, was introduced, and started everyone singing. It wasn’t as terrible as it could have been, but it was slightly nerve-racking nonetheless.

When we got home Grandma and I ended up sitting on her bed watching ‘Revenge of the Bridesmaids’ on Netflix and enjoying some complimentary snacks.

This morning I slept in, and then Grandpa and Mike took me to breakfast with them at The Labyrinth, which was delicious. Next we hurried to catch a bus tour of Celeron and Jamestown, learning all about the town and Lucille’s childhood.

Soon Grandma and i will be heading out to a Conga class. Then tonight we have the Tropicana Dinner where the twins will be giving their presentation.

I’m having loads of fun, everything is going well, we are comfortable, happy, and very well fed by the delicious restaurants in town.

If you go to Trevor Warren’s website,  you can see all sorts of pictures from the event. Look for Lucille Ball Comedy Festival 2016, and then open up the 65th Anniversary Exhibition Gala gallery. there are lots of pictures of everyone and everything that was going on there.

Thanks for Reading, please comment any questions or statements you have about my Blog.


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