New York, New York Part Three

Log 4 – 2:02pm 7/31/2016

Right now I am sitting next to Grandma Lydia on a Greyhound Bus, and we’re in Russia!

Kind of.

Actually its Moscow, Idaho, but hey close enough.

We’ve been on this thing since 7:15am this morning and have been cracking each other up with our witty-ness all day.

Okay so maybe with our stupidity, but witty-ness sounds better in a blog so…

Anyways, in a short couple of hours we will be in Spokane, Washington, and then we will wait for 10 and half hours for our train that we will be on until Wednesday morning.

So we were just talking about how my baby brother, John, was acting yesterday and the day before at our Aunt’s and Uncle’s. We made the mistake of giving him a Sunny D drink, some Red Vines, and other assorted candies and treats that he smuggled from adoring relatives, and he was bouncing off the walls. Screaming, running, jumping, dancing, “singing”, he licked his baby cousins forehead…

And then when I put him to bed he learned how to open the door AND get out of his crib, so he would tip-toe loudly down the hall, then run screeching to his cousin and hide behind her, whispering “SHHH!” and trying to go unnoticed. At which point, his cousin, Jem, who is three, would turn to me and ask “Did you let your boy out again?”

I’m pretty sure she thinks I’m his mom.

After that fun(ny) experience, we have decided never to ever let him eat that much sugar at once again.



Log 5 – 8:20am 8/1/2016

I am currently sitting on the lower level of car 11, on a train in West Glacier, Montana. We finally boarded after hours of sleeping and/or trying not to cry.

So at 1:30 in the morning, the train got started and we finally had a nice seat to rest in. We’ve been travelling for about 5 hours now, but I’ve only been awake for a couple of them.

The view out our window is exclusively beautiful. The train’s park ranger was just telling us a story about a man who lived on this river, and to rescue a girl he had to kidnap her! They went back to his home and eventually got married. Oh I forgot to mention, she was on the run from the law for suspected murder. It was a fun story.

I think in a few minutes I might walk to the lounge and snack cars with Grandpa.

I’ll listen carefully to the guided tour and see if I can pick up any cool tidbits of information.


Log 6 – 8:53am 8/1/2016

Kelli would be so jealous.

Right now I am in the sight-seeing car, and the view is gorgeous! Trees of all shades of green, rivers,  rocks, and hills. Montana is very wooded and I love it.

Kelli loves nature, but her biggest passion is Dinosaurs. She wants to be a paleontologist when she’s older, and apparently Montana is famous for many great dog sites and her idols, other great paleontologists, often worked or lived here.

I can see the US Highway 2 from our vantage point up above. The man sitting next to me just told me that it goes all the way from Everett, Washington all the way up to the upper peninsula of Michigan. It picks up again in New York, and in total travels across the whole top of America.

In just a little while we should be able to see the front of our own train because of a curve in our track! Another fun fact, the tracks that we are on are used so often that they welded together the rails, which helps our train make it up the mountains. It also keeps the ‘clickety-clack’ sound from happening, which I think is a shame, as I find the clicking comforting.


Log 7 – 1:14pm 8/1/2016

I went up to the sight-seeing room, and they gave me a seat with an older couple named Dave and Shirley. Dave was the one who knew all sorts of facts whom I mentioned in the last entry.

They are very sweet and friendly, and we became friends quickly. We told each other about ourselves and took pictures of the gorgeous views.

I went back and forth between my car and their table and had loads of fun.

Then they invited me to lunch, and since they have a sleeper and I don’t they got me in early and even paid for my meal like the angels they are. We all had the Angus Burgers and oh they were the moset delicious food I’ve had in a long time.

And elderly gentleman was assigned to our group partway through the meal, and his conversation led us to talk about the military. I mentioned my dad had served in the National Guard, and Dave leaned over to me and said, “When you get back home you can tell your dad that an old First Sargent took you out to lunch.”

Turns out Dave served almost 40 years in the military. He is, in my opinion, a national hero.

On another note, after lunch he and Shirley came and met Grandma, who has been sitting  in her chair all day, and now I just helped a couple little old ladies find the bathroom.

Good times.


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