Hazel Rose


A wave smashed down over top of Hazel Rose, and she came up choking. Trying to clear her view, she had to wipe salt water out of her eyes and almost sunk again as another wave came towards her. Focusing hard, she zapped forwards with a pop, and was suddenly free falling back down towards the ocean she had come from.

But before hitting the water, she focused on another point in the air, even farther than before, and with another pop was suddenly falling from there instead.

The sensation of death defying acts, while knowing that she would most likely survive, both terrified and thrilled Hazel.

You see, for most people, falling towards the ocean without any parachute or way to save themselves was suicide. But for Hazel Rose, it was a usual way of transportation. She had the rather original ability of teleportation.

Of course, she had her limits. She could only go to where she could see with her own two eyes, and although she was much older than she looked (around a couple hundred years she was guessing, but she couldn’t remember), she was not immortal.

HazelRose - W

Right now, Hazel was traveling again. She usually was, but this was definitely a longer stretch than usual. 3,026. That’s how many miles are between Maine and England. And that was the trip she was taking, across the ocean. Traveling at about 230 miles every couple of minutes or so, she was making good time anyways.

13.1565217391. That’s how many times she would have to teleport in a row, without forgetting to keep herself out of the water. She also had to make sure not to drop her backpack, which contained the few things she owned. Oh, and also, maybe not falling in the water like she had a few minutes ago on her third jump would be good.

Popping again, she soared another stretch, although it was a bit shorter. She estimated it was about 210 miles.

Continuing on her way, she eagerly anticipated the adventures that awaited her in England. In the past, she had perused many careers, including Animal Behaviorist, Lawyer, Social Worker, Chef, Matchmaker, Food Critic, and YouTuber. But lately, she was trying out being homeless. Not a hobo, mind you, just homeless. She could obviously travel very easily, and it had been a long time she had seen the world like she had wanted to.

Staying in hotels or apartments suited her just fine, and she didn’t have any trouble getting good food or anything. The only thing that had ever bothered her about long-distance traveling was how hard it was to bring anyone with her.

Not that she had any friends or family, but she had been hoping to adopt a dog soon. The hard part wouldn’t be taking care of it, it would be keeping it safe while they were in the air.

Sighing, Hazel Rose brushed a strand of her short brown hair off her face, and focused on the spot for her fifth Pop. She called them Pops because she had no idea what else they should be called. Besides, when she was younger and still learning how to use her abilities, saying ‘Pop’ to herself would calm her and take away some of the fear, turning it into just another funny little hop.

In a while, she’d be in England, and then she’d rest in the countryside for a night before traveling on to London itself. hopefully there she would be able to find some sort of a backpack-carrier-thing that would be sufficient to hold the shelter dog she planned on adopting next.

In the meantime, however, she had a chance for some of the most incredible views. Allowing herself to drop out of the sky long enough for her to unclip her camera from it’s water-proof case at her side, and then after another Pop, angling it for the some pictures, she grinned. these would turn out beautifully. Maybe she’d drop them off at a gallery once she got them printed. Or add them to the book she was currently writing.

The busy girl smiled into the sunset, secure in the knowledge that although she may be alone, with no friends or family to speak of, that didn’t mean it would always be that way. She truly believed that someday she would find someone who had answers for her, who could tell her about her past and the things she’d forgotten. But until then, focusing on the simple pleasures was all she needed.

Hazel Rose







The Swallower Part Four

After much struggling and going through a half dozen blood-soaked rags, Asana and the kitten, whom she had christened Toby, emerged. Toby was clean, but rather damp and very upset. Hissing in between licks, he worked on re-organizing his fur and preening his wings.

Asana sighed and leaned back, tending to her own, new, wounds. Toby had not exactly enjoyed the experience of being nursed and he’d made it obvious by ripping open every inch of her skin or clothes that he could reach with his remarkably sharp teeth and claws. He had, in addition, two small talons at the tips of his wings that he used to help himself balance, and they proved a good defense against salves and bandages.

After a few minutes, the both of them well wrapped in clean white linen and Band-Aids, they simply stood watching and waiting for the other to make a move of some sort. Eventually, Toby stretched and tested his weight on his injured front leg. Crying out, he slumped back onto the blanket pitifully.

Wishing he trusted her enough to let her snuggle him until he felt better, Asana looked around for the next best thing, food.

Maria had had a sweet little snowshoe Siamese,

MistyBo - W

and Asana knew that some cat food was around somewhere…but then again, would a kitten that was half reptile prefer kibble or raw meat? Torn, and not wanting to give Toby indigestion as well, she finally decided to give him some of both and let him make the choice for himself.

And so she pulled up a chair and he pulled himself to his bowl using his gleaming front talons, and they sat. Asana enjoyed watching the sweet little thing sniff around his new treat, nose twitching, whiskers flicking. She could see powerful muscles beneath his sleek fur, rippling as he hunched over the food.

She gave him a small dish of water as well, and he eagerly leaned forwards. Too eagerly, perhaps, for he slipped and ended up splashing his paws in it, face dripping, and confusedly crying out for help.

Asana jumped up and dried him off, checking his bandages were still secure. Carefully, she lifted his neck and helped him get a real drink. Pleased and full, he finally settled down, and curled up with his tail going nearly all the way around him, and his wings folded out over the top as blankets. Purring softly, he fell into a happy cat nap.

But now Asana was left with nothing to distract her from the rubble around her, the absence of her only friends, the loss of the new world she had only just begun to create and love.

Now she realised once more just how much trouble she really was in, and she couldn’t help wondering how much had been caused by the seemingly-innocent soul in front of her.










The Swallower Part Three

The eyes closed, and for a moment Asana searched the darkness for where they had gone. But when they opened again, the small green things hadn’t moved a bit. Watching them the whole way, Asana walked over and flipped the light switch on.

What the brightness revealed was shocking. An odd creature, somewhere between a cat and a dragon was lying on the floor, a dark wet spot around it. Even stranger still, the animal seemed only to be a baby.

And the wet spot? It was blood.

“Oh, you poor thing!” Asana started to rush towards it but froze as it howled and tried to pull itself back to into the mound of dirty clothes it was half-hiding in. “No, no, no…It’s okay I won’t hurt you…come on…” But try and coax as she might, the small dragon-cat only hissed and cried.

Asana sat back on her heels, trying to think. Finally a thought struck her, and she seized a blanket out from under the crumbly mess on her bed. It was a worn old thing, green with tattered and fraying ends. Asana pulled on a strand of it until she broke off a piece long enough for her uses.

And then, remembering the octopus she had had as a pet for many years of her childhood, she dangled the almost rope-like string out in front of the dragon-kitten.

Its eyes lit up, and in pain as it was, the kitten opened its mouth in a small smile, sharp fangs gleaming. One small paw reached up and batted at the string. Tauntingly, Asana pulled it back…then leaned in closer…and back again…until the kitten finally snagged it on its claw and pulled it close, chewing on the middle.

While it was distracted, Asana quickly grabbed the blanket again with one hand, and, dropping the string, tossed it over the dragon-cat, which, of course, immediately began to howl again. But her mission was accomplished, and Asana was able to carry the angry, squirming thing back down to the kitchen. Clearing filth off the island counter, she placed the bag on it and, making sure to keep a firm hold on the corners, she reached for a couple of bowls.

She then somehow, miraculously, managed to maneuver the cat from the blanket and in the middle of the two bowls instead.

But now what to do?














California Girl

So now I’m in Cali! After my three week journey across country, I’ve landed in Milpitas for a final week with my cousins before heading home to start school.

Today is my cousin George’s birthday. He says his name is Spiderman, but for some strange reason, I don’t believe him.

Anyways, we are going to do a Harry Potter marathon tonight cuz we are nerds and love it, and we had delicious crepes for breakfast.

George just turned eleven, and last night he was given his Arrow of Light and Webelos awards at Scouts. Yay! And he is now eagerly awaiting his acceptance letter into Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Also, he has asked me to tell you that “Some people call him Spiderman and some people call him George and either way he is boss.” It’s his birthday so I’m being nice and actually posting his statement.

Lookin at you, George.

I am also with the rest of his family, Aunt and Uncle Crazy and all their Crazy children. Just kidding.

There are five boys in the family, and they are Aaron, Darren, George, Seth, and Gavin. Although they are crazy, they are still sweet and fun – usually.

Yesterday Seth, Gavin and I were playing Monopoly and Seth and I bankrupted five year old Gavin halfway through and then I totally wrecked Seth. We followed up with The Game of Life, and I totally bossed that one too.

We had nummy sushi for lunch, and lots of fun the rest of the day biking and such.

Now I have to go help with a produce farmers market thing happening in our front yard today. See you later! Thanks for reading.

Murder, Robbery And Perhaps, Even Kidnapping

A Mystery

by Outlawed Princess

The idyllic, picturesque town of Moravian Falls holds a secret. (Note: This is not the beautiful place in North Carolina, it is a fictional town created specifically for the sake of these posts. Don’t try traveling there unless you really like waterfalls.)

Alexa Rose has the perfect life working as a psychiatrist in the city and chatting with her loveable boyfriend, Clarke Wu.

However, when she finds an old pistol in her cellar, she begins to realise that things are not quite as they seem in the Rose family.

A holiday leaves Alexa with some startling questions about her past, and she sets off to the oceanic town of Moravian Falls to find her answers.

At first the people of the Falls are kind and friendly. She is intrigued by the curiously intelligent author, Cameron Roberts. However, after he introduces her to a leader of a cult, Alexa slowly finds herself drawn into a web of Murder, Robbery and perhaps, even Kidnapping.

Can Alexa resist the charms of Cameron Roberts and uncover the secret of the old pistol before it’s too late, or will her demise become yet another Moravian Falls legend?

If you think I should continue this story any further let me know. If you have any ideas concerning it, those are welcome as well.

The Woman

A short story I started while traveling across the country these last couple of weeks.

Also, as an update, I am now in California with my cousins, and when I fly home I immediately start school.

So here it is:

Swirling skirts, high stepping feet, people laughing, dancing and shouting. Music played smoothly across the ballroom. Gentlemen were bowing to their partners, and flushed women were taking their arms, huge smiles across their faces.

But one girl, her small frame complimented by a full golden dress, leaned against the corner of a wall, her face hidden by an elegant black handheld fan. Only her vibrant green eyes framed by long dark lashes could be seen of her face. Her smooth brown hair was cut short and hanging over her left ear.

Intrigued by the mysterious girl, a certain person wove his way across the floor to ask for a dance.

Her green eyes looked up and met his warm brown ones. They widened, and she suddenly ducked away behind a table.

At this angle, he could see high cheekbones and full red lips set in flawless skin. But the beautiful face was twisted into a miserable frown.

Confused by her actions, he followed her quickly, slipping in between dancers and running across a stage. But as he too turned a corner. there was no longer anyone to follow.

She had vanished.




Jacob woke up on the floor, his sheets tangled around him. He’d fallen off his bed and onto his almost-as-comfortable carpet.

Groaning and rubbing his eyes, he squinted at the bright sun shining through his window. How could it be morning already? He’d only just gone to sleep.

Pulling the blankets back onto his bed as he walked past, Jacob tiredly continued with his morning routine.

As he brushed his teeth, he thought about his dream, which was really more of a memory. The mysterious girl, the ball, the music… he’d been there once for real, and he’d chased a girl, but unfortunately not the one who’d been standing in the corner. Although he had noticed her at the dance, he’d become distracted by another acquaintance, and when he looked up- she was gone.

Jacob had always regretted letting her escape before even getting her name, but lately the memory seemed determined to haunt him…

Sirens were outside the window again. They were so often in Jamestown, NY that Jacob had gotten used to it. The sound, usually jarring to others, played as a sweet melody to him.

And so once again that morning, he allowed himself to be distracted and forgot about the girl of his dreams.





“Mr. Peters?” Could you tell me where this goes please?” Looking up from his cluttered desk, Jacob saw Paige, his assistant, carrying a box that looked nearly bigger than her. Jumping up to help, he guided her to the break room and they eased the box up onto a table.

“Thanks.” Paige panted, bending over with her hands resting on her knees.

Wiping the dust that had gotten onto his hands onto his slacks instead, Jacob replied. “Sure,m no problem. What is it anyways?” He leaned forwards for a better look but Paige pushed him back.

“It’s a surprise. Now, no peeking while I’m out on my lunch break!” Shooing him in front of her and locking the door behind them, she bade him goodbye and scurried towards the elevator.

Shaking his head, Jacob went back to cleaning his own messy desk. On the top of the pile of papers was a drawing he didn’t recognize. Picking it up, he realized it was of the woman from his dreams! And in the corner was a phone number.

Frantically, he reached for his cell phone, accidentally knocking it on the floor. He bent down to retrieve  it and hit his head on the underside of his desk while straightening up. Groaning, he pulled himself up onto his chair and reached again for the drawing.

But now it too, like the woman herself, had disappeared.




Oregon Part Two

Oregon is Out Of This World!

That was a terrible pun based on where we are going today, I’m sorry. For my sisters and my first time, we will be enjoying the wonders of the:

Family-friendly eatery with indoor playground, arcade & menu focusing on pizzas & salads.
 The whole gang is going. Meaning Grandpa Derek and Grandma T will have their hands full helping Mom and Dad with John, Ella, Natasha, and Kelli.  Oh, and me too I guess.
Although I am very excited for later today, I am also very tired, and I’ve just been sitting on the couch this morning.
Grandma made a delicious breakfast of French Toast, which all of the girls agreed was ‘the best food ever’.
Now I can hear Dad and Grandpa playing with the kids just outside, so I will post more later when we have done something more interesting for me to write about.
Sorry for the boring entry. :/

Oregon and the Olympics

Well, I’m not in New York, or Chicago, or Utah or even Idaho. I’m back in my home state, Oregon, Land of the Weird. 

We are staying with my grandparents – different ones from Grandpa Joe and Grandma Lydia – in Hillsboro, and today they took us to the Portland Zoo, my favorite zoo in the world. We saw the Lions, Cheetah, Elephants, Chimps, Hippos, and so much more. My favorite were the Seals, and Grandpa was sweet enough to get the stuffed animal version of one for me. 

So backing up a little bit, Grandma Lydia and Joe took me to Boise, Idaho, where they dropped me off at Great Aunt Jeanie’s, I hung out with her all day and my own family joined us later that evening.

We spent that evening happily, and the next morning started our drive to Oregon. We arrived at my Grandpa Derek and Grandma T’s house at about 6pm, although we did stop and visit a friend for a bit that day as well.

Now it is Friday, August 12th, at 10:13pm, and we have been watching Katie Ledecky set her new world record in the Swimming portion of the Olympics. Seeing her and Michael Phelps and Simone Biles and Aly Raisman…they are incredible. 

So it’s been very fun, but now it’s very late, so goodnight, sorry this entry was so short.

New York, New York Part Five

Log Nein – 11:03 8/6/2016

So we went to the Conga class and learned how to play the drums. it was super fun! We had the Tropicana dinner that evening, and it went really well. People took pictures and complimented us and you know what, I’ve decided I like being a small-town celebrity.

Yesterday we went to Lisciandro’s for breakfast, I got eggs and toast and sausage and it was amazing. Next was the cruise. It was so much fun and my anxiety over the deep water was just fine. until the spiders, that is.

I ended up sitting with this wonderful family of five, and I adore them so much. We’ve exchanged numbers and plan to keep in touch. Well, while we were all sitting happily, enjoying the breeze and the Shirley Temple’s, I saw a spider. About the sixe of a quarter, plus the legs. It was right behind us!!!

Well, the dad of the family knocked it off the boat, and we were fine, until we saw more. We killed about a dozen, and saw at least that many more of the huge, creepy crawlies and no one else seemed to notice or care.

After the slightly traumatizing and yet rather interesting cruise, Grandma and I headed to the apartment, planning on going to the Lucille Ball College of Comedy thing, but we were too late. The nice ladies giving us a ride agreed to take us to Lucille’s childhood home for the yard sale they have yearly.

I got souvenirs for my entire family and a couple of my friends, and the end total was a very nice price, especially since I am running out of cash quick.

Back at the apartments, we decided not to go to the William Shakespeare thing at 3, and instead are doing it today. However, we did go to the Lucy and Ethel show, which was extremely well done and very entertaining. I even got to sit with the family from the cruise again!

We went to Shawbucks Pressroom Restaurant for dinner, and their French Onion Soup and Strawberry Shortcakes are very good, let me tell you that.

Now it is Saturday, and we have a few things to do so i will get back to you later.

Thanks for reading!