New York, New York Part 2

Summer Vacation Journal!


Here are some notes I’m jotting down as I travel. Sorry if some are incomplete, and if I have parentheses around something it means I’m unsure about it. Thanks for reading!


Log 1 – ?AM 7/29/2016

Right now we are in Idaho, passing the exit for Mountain Home. We are on our way to Nampa, where we will stay with family for a couple of days before leaving for a bus at 7am Sunday. The bus will take us all the way out to Spokane, Washington, which is where our train station is. We will then wait at the train station for 11 hours before our train comes to pick us up.

Next, to Chicago! After that we will ride to Buffalo, NY and then we will be picked up in a private car and brought to Jamestown.

The car will drop us off at an apartment building where we have a room reserved. This particular room has housed many celebrities, and is saved especially for them. Because of my Grandpa and his twin being ‘Little Ricky’ and it’s the big Lucille Ball convention, we are being treated extra specially.

The first afternoon that we are in Jamestown, after unpacking, we will be taking The Summer Wind cruise around the lake!

The next day is Thursday the 4th, and we will spend our time mingling and touring the nearby attractions.

(I Love Lucy presentation over dinner at 7pm on the 4th?)

Friday is the opening night of the gala. There will be a red carpet display of a tribute to Lucy donated by (California?) Universal Studios.

Saturday the 6th is Lucille Ball’s birthday, and they will be unveiling the new statue to commemorate her in Celeron Park.

We take a train Sunday night at around 11, and from there we will travel all the way back to Oregon where my grandparents will drop me off to finish my personal summer vacation.


Other Possibilities for In Between Activities : Night of Comedy, Tour of Lucy’s house, Tour of Lucy-Desi Museum



Log 2 – 1:22pm 7/29/2016

We stopped for a bit in Boise Factory Outlets, hoping to find a dress for Grandma to wear to the Gala, but no luck. Most of the stores are closed down, and when we asked why we learned the entire complex is under new management.

It is SO HOT outside, and in one of the stores their air conditioning broke, so it was horribly muggy. When we walked into a Vanity Fair with wonderful chill air being pumped through it, we were so relieved we stayed in there a bit longer than was probably necessary.

But no luck in finding Grandma a dress.

Now we are on our way to the nearest Costco since Grandpa needs something, and then finally we will end up at my Great Aunt’s and Uncle’s and be able to get some ice water and take a stretch and a rest.


Log 3 – 2:28pm  7/29/2016

Could it be any hotter or more boring on this car ride?

We are pulling out of the Boise Costco, and in about 20 minutes we will be at my Great Aunt and Uncle’s house where we can rest.

Grandma bought us 4 girls, Natasha, Kelli, Ella and myself, two large ‘Color Me Your Way’ books to share and a pack of gel pens. We plan on enjoying those while getting ready for bed tonight.

I bought and shared a chocolate and vanilla frozen yogurt to cool us down, and Grandpa bought a pepperoni and combo pizza for dinner.

Grandma Lydia and I just accidentally led Grandpa and the girls van in a circle instead of down the right way, so I should probably go help her navigate now.


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