Zombay Sickness

I am currently lying in bed with a fever and a headache.

I have been here since 11 am this morning, and am kind of done with being a zombie, so here’s my plan to distract myself.

I am going to look up random facts on Google – land of all introverts – and then put them in this post, if you all would vote your favorites, then I can look up even more fascinating details to bore you with. 🙂 Sounds fun, right?

So, first off, we have this ridiculous ruling.

The longest prison sentence that ever was requested was against a 22 year old postman, who was accused of failing to deliver 42,768 letters, and the sentence was supposed to be for 384,912 years…

The second tail we will tell is this.

Its simple, yet interesting. If your cat is thrashing her tail – not twitching playfully, not waving in a friendly way, but thrashing – it means she is irritated, angry, or upset in some way.

Third fact! Are you bored yet?

Facts to show that zombies literally could not survive, even if they did exist.

Reason One: The heat would be too much for their already dead and rotting flesh.

Reason Two: The cold! The human body is made up of around 65% water. Do you know what water does when it gets cold? It turns to ice.

Reason Three: The idea that becoming a zombie is transferred as a disease through a bite seems to be a mutual agreement in the movie franchise. There is a wonderful article on http://www.cracked.com that I would like to show you a paragraph from.

“The successful diseases have some really clever way to invisibly spread from victim to victim. The flu has killed tens of millions because it floats right through the air, the black plague was spread by fleas, etc. Not a single one of them requires the infected to get within biting distance to spread their infection. Sure, sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS work that way, but that’s only because the infected can pass for the uninfected. Nobody is going to be having sex with a zombie.”

So those are only a few reasons, but hey they seem to make sense to me.

Okay thanks for reading byeee ❤ 🙂


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