The Swallower Part Two

“So, How’d the job interview go?” Autumn asked, looking over the tops of her glasses. “Did you use the tips I gave you?”


“It was awful. The business just wants me as a pretty face.” Asana sighed and dropped her handbag on the floor as she slumped into her arm chair.


“A pretty face?” Summer wondered. “What do you mean?”


“I mean, they don’t want me as a receptionist like we thought, they want me to model for their billboard.”


Autumn frowned. “It would still be extra cash, is it a full or part or one time sort of job?”
“Just the one time.” Asana pulled off her boots.


“And you didn’t take it?” Autumn clarified.


“Actually I did, and they gave me a…check? Anyways, it wasn’t what I was hoping for at all.”


Summer patted her arm as she walked past. “It’s better than nothing. And hey, you’ll get that dream job, just keep looking!”


Smiling, Asana thanked her. Just then, Maria walked in and saw that Asana was back.


“Oh, you’re home early. Or are you just sprucing up before your interview tonight?” She asked.


“I don’t have an interview tonight, Maria.”


“It says you do on the calendar, isn’t with that big company, TrUe BeaUty?” She looked at the calendar they had hanging on the wall with all of their appointments on it.


“I forgot about it!” Jumping up, Asana ran to look at the calendar. “It starts in half an hour!” She ran and grabbed her purse and shoes, then was out the door before the others could even call goodbye.


She raced down the sidewalk to where there car was parked and jumped in, fumbling with her keys. Revving the engine, she backed up – and heard a crunch. Screaming, she turned, and saw a large pick up with a now-broken fender.


Recognizing it as her neighbors car, she decided she would have to fix it when she got back. Frantically, she zoomed towards the city.


As soon as she got to the building she ran inside, and skidded to a stop in front of the startled woman behind the desk.


Panting, Asana began, “I’m here…for an interview…with-”


“With me.” Another woman was walking towards her, wearing a simple blue pantsuit and  her hair pinned tightly up. Sticking out a hand, she continued. “I’m Miss Price, call me Debra. Won’t you come into my office, and we can get this meeting started?”


Nodding, Asana allowed herself to be led into the next room as she tried to comb through her wild hair with her fingers, and brush away the dust on her skirt.


“Have a seat.” Debra offered, taking her own chair behind a large desk. She folded her hands in her lap and seemed to be waiting for Asana to say something.


Her brain completely blank, Asana stayed quiet. The silence grew awkward, and she finally blurted out, “What type of wood is it?”


“I’m…sorry, what?” Debra looked confused.


“The…your desk. What type of wood is it?” Asked Asana, hating herself.


Debra laughed. “Pear wood. So, why do you think I should hire you for this job?”


“In all honesty, you have an open position, and I need a job. However, I have always hoped to be able to call myself a member of such a prestigious group as yours.” Pleased with herself, Asana smiled easily.


“Well then, that was very nicely put, thank you.” Shuffling her papers, Debra continued with questions about expected pay and work hours, and the rest of the meeting went smoothly.


When Asana walked back to her car after the meeting, she let out a breath of relief. Miss Price had ended the meeting telling her to expect a letter on the mail with the results of their conversation within the week.


Happily, Asana drove home listening to the radio.


Although, when she saw the bent fender of her neighbors car as she pulled into the driveway, her elation was somewhat diminished. Deciding to procrastinate the inevitable a little longer, she walked into the house and called for the girls.


There was no answer.


“I wonder where they could have gone…” Asana wondered aloud.


Walking further into the living room, she gasped, covering her mouth.


Her armchair was laying on its side, the carpet was dark and wet, the table had deep cuts all across it, and the fan was falling out of the ceiling, wires sparking dangerously.


“Maria?” She shouted worriedly. “Autumn? Summer!” Where were they? “You guys! Someone answer me, please!”


Running through the kitchen and up the stairs she found messes just as bad. It seemed like an angry, giant tiger had destroyed their house.


Terrified for what she might find every time she opened a door, Asana searched the whole house, but there was no sign of any of her roommates.


Finally, she returned to her own room, cleared chunks of the ceiling off her bed, and then sunk onto it slowly. Curling up with her knees pulled up to her chest and her back to the wall, she tried to think of what to do.


Closing her eyes, Asana heard a snarl that startled he back to her feet.


A pair of glowing eyes were staring at her from her closet.



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