Treasure Hunt


I went outside to find my little sisters, and they were digging in the yard by the house, with handfuls of coins!

Ella, Natasha, and Kelli had been working at it for a good part of the morning, and they had  – we estimated – almost three dollars in change.

The coins were filthy, coated in dirt, and of course we decided to clean them and see how much they were actually worth.

There were pennies, dimes, nickels, quarters, and even a half dollar that Natasha is very proud of.

The pictures I have aren’t great, but they’ll do.

This was when I first brought them inside, you can see how grimy they are, its hard to tell even which coins are which at this point.

I started working on cleaning them off, and then Natasha and Kelli helped, while Ella anxiously watched over her 15 cents.

And then, clean! Well, as clean as we were able to get them, anyways.


We have coins from years 1975, 76, 66, and the half dollar is from 1971.


Here is my share. I have a 1979 quarter, and a total of 96 cents. Sweet! Maybe not a fortune in gold, but its still pretty cool.

The big question we have now, is why the heck where there coins buried in our yard? Did the previous owner lose them? Were they stolen by a toddler and buried for safekeeping? We will never know, but no matter why they were there, its a fun experience to get to find them.




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