Beautiful Through All Of Time 2

Once upon A Time…

There was a beautiful woman, who, when she traveled back in time, somehow managed to cause multiple catastrophic events, which could have been easily prevented, had she had the sense beforehand not to mess around with the space time continuum.

But hey, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Hi, my name is Nata, and I am an 18 year old girl who has made a huge mistake. I am currently stuck in Egypt. In 48 BC. With a broken down time machine. So that’s a problem.

When I look up I can see a rich blue sky, completely cloudless, and radiant. But when I look any other direction, I see sand. Red and gold and brown as far as the eye can see. Perfect.

Sighing I grab my duffel bag off the ground of the time machine. The machine had taken quite a beating. The whole top was bashed up and there were scratches all the way around it, like something with claws had been tearing at it the whole ride to the past.

Turning away from the wreck that is my only way home, I wipe my brow. It is soo freaking hot! Fortunately, I have very sturdy tennis shoes, and an old sheet that i throw over my head to help keep from sunburns. I am also wearing more sunblock then I have ever worn in my entire life combined.

But after a few hours, I am so sun-burnt and worried about never finding any actual civilization, that I almost decided to just head back and see if I could get the shuttle to work again.

Then, on the edge of the horizon, I see a pile of rocks. As I get closer, I realize that it is in fact, a jumble of small dwellings pushed together.

Hope fills me as I pick up my speed. I haven’t had water since I’d gotten in the shuttle at first, back in my time, and now my throat is so parched it feels like it is on fire.

And so I break into a run. Soon, I have entered the village, full of white rock buildings, tiny little one room things with simple white linen cloths as doors. Some had little fabric awnings leaning out over them, and I take shelter under one of them, hiding from the roasting sun.

I look out and see no human movement. Scanning the houses nearest me one more time, I finally notice a small child’s face peeking around the corner of one of the linen doorways.

The small tan face is framed by short black hair, and the eyes staring into mine are gorgeous, amber, and almond shaped.

The girls eyes widen as she looks past me, and she slowly reaches out a thin arm, and beckons me to come closer, staring over my shoulder in horror. Confused, I turn to look behind me at whatever is scaring her, and scream as a black bag that feels like burlap is thrown over my head.


To Be Continued…





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