Colors (Continued)

Ten years later, my daughter and I were still completely unable to see colors. Since my husband had died, I had lost the literal light of my life, and my daughter was still too young, in my opinion, to have met her soul mate.

It took a long time to be able to come to terms with the fact that John was really gone.

But the car crash that had taken him was forgotten by any locals, and it seemed as though he had finally faded from the earth completely.

We tried to move on.

My daughter, Parker, had started Junior High two years before, and now it was the summer before she would start ninth grade.

This particular afternoon, I was sitting at the counter, reading a book while the minestrone I was making for dinner simmered on the stove.

The smell of the beans and flavorings of spices and seasonings were so good, it was like being transported to the world of exotics that I was reading of.

The door crashed as Parker came charging up the stairs screaming.

I jumped, dropping my book and knocking over my cup of tea. I grabbed a towel and started trying to mop up the dripping cover of my paperback. Parker was still shouting in the background.

“MOM MOM MOM MOM MOM GUESS WHAT MOM” Parker danced around me, looking at the woodwork around the ceiling.

“WHAT!?!” I finally got a chance to answer as she slowed her chanting, being too dizzy to keep going.

“I can see your hair.”

“Me too, honey. We aren’t blind.” I sighed and finished wiping off my book. “That’s really why you had to make such a racket? Because you realized I wasn’t bald?”

“No, mom, of course not.” She rolled her eyes, still breathing heavily from her excitement. “I made ‘such a racket’ because I can see that it’s RED. I can see the COLOR.”

I froze.

She could see color? She had fallen in love? Um, no. Not my little baby. She wasn’t old enough!

But then my brain switched tracks. My hair is red? I thought it was auburn, at least, it had been ten years ago, when I’d seen it last. Red…



I turned around. Parker was looking at me with her huge eyes, sparkling in the white of the light bulb above. Last I’d seen, they were green, with just a little bit of gold. I wonder if they had changed? They did seem a shade darker of gray…

“Well what do you think? I mean, it’s gorgeous, all of the colors, but mom, I’m in love.”

I considered insisting that she wasn’t, not really, but that wasn’t possible. You had to have met your soulmate to see colors. So instead I asked, “Who is it?”

She frowned slightly. “That’s it, mom. I don’t know.”


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