Australian Shepherd <3

Australian Shepherds are my favorite dogs, and I would like to tell you all a little about them.

Nicknamed Aussies, or Little Blue Dog, they stand at about 18-23 in, and usually weigh around 30-65 lbs, depending on gender and individual size.


They have litters of approximately 3-10, averaging 7. They will usually live for around 13-15 years, so if you get one as a puppy, you will have a friend for a very long time.


The temperament of an Aussie is very energetic and hardworking, they loved to be trained and learn tricks. They will work hard, but also will require some training so they don’t become bored and depressed.


Aussies are very intelligent and learn very quickly. They love to play.

The little blue dogs are not always blue. They have many colors, including Black and Tri, Blue and Red Merles, and Red, or Liver.




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