New York, New York Part 2

Summer Vacation Journal!


Here are some notes I’m jotting down as I travel. Sorry if some are incomplete, and if I have parentheses around something it means I’m unsure about it. Thanks for reading!


Log 1 – ?AM 7/29/2016

Right now we are in Idaho, passing the exit for Mountain Home. We are on our way to Nampa, where we will stay with family for a couple of days before leaving for a bus at 7am Sunday. The bus will take us all the way out to Spokane, Washington, which is where our train station is. We will then wait at the train station for 11 hours before our train comes to pick us up.

Next, to Chicago! After that we will ride to Buffalo, NY and then we will be picked up in a private car and brought to Jamestown.

The car will drop us off at an apartment building where we have a room reserved. This particular room has housed many celebrities, and is saved especially for them. Because of my Grandpa and his twin being ‘Little Ricky’ and it’s the big Lucille Ball convention, we are being treated extra specially.

The first afternoon that we are in Jamestown, after unpacking, we will be taking The Summer Wind cruise around the lake!

The next day is Thursday the 4th, and we will spend our time mingling and touring the nearby attractions.

(I Love Lucy presentation over dinner at 7pm on the 4th?)

Friday is the opening night of the gala. There will be a red carpet display of a tribute to Lucy donated by (California?) Universal Studios.

Saturday the 6th is Lucille Ball’s birthday, and they will be unveiling the new statue to commemorate her in Celeron Park.

We take a train Sunday night at around 11, and from there we will travel all the way back to Oregon where my grandparents will drop me off to finish my personal summer vacation.


Other Possibilities for In Between Activities : Night of Comedy, Tour of Lucy’s house, Tour of Lucy-Desi Museum



Log 2 – 1:22pm 7/29/2016

We stopped for a bit in Boise Factory Outlets, hoping to find a dress for Grandma to wear to the Gala, but no luck. Most of the stores are closed down, and when we asked why we learned the entire complex is under new management.

It is SO HOT outside, and in one of the stores their air conditioning broke, so it was horribly muggy. When we walked into a Vanity Fair with wonderful chill air being pumped through it, we were so relieved we stayed in there a bit longer than was probably necessary.

But no luck in finding Grandma a dress.

Now we are on our way to the nearest Costco since Grandpa needs something, and then finally we will end up at my Great Aunt’s and Uncle’s and be able to get some ice water and take a stretch and a rest.


Log 3 – 2:28pm  7/29/2016

Could it be any hotter or more boring on this car ride?

We are pulling out of the Boise Costco, and in about 20 minutes we will be at my Great Aunt and Uncle’s house where we can rest.

Grandma bought us 4 girls, Natasha, Kelli, Ella and myself, two large ‘Color Me Your Way’ books to share and a pack of gel pens. We plan on enjoying those while getting ready for bed tonight.

I bought and shared a chocolate and vanilla frozen yogurt to cool us down, and Grandpa bought a pepperoni and combo pizza for dinner.

Grandma Lydia and I just accidentally led Grandpa and the girls van in a circle instead of down the right way, so I should probably go help her navigate now.


New York, New York

A couple of days ago, my Grandma and I talked on the phone, and she told me how she and my Grandpa, who played Little Ricky on I Love Lucy as a child, are heading to Jamestown for a show.

And then they invited me to go with them!

It took a while of extreme stress figuring out the details, but tomorrow morning at 6am, I will be heading out to join them, and on Sunday we take a train to Jamestown.

Of course, me being me, I quickly researched everything there.

Jamestown, NY was founded in 1810, but wasn’t a full city until 1886. In 2010 the population count was 31,146. In 2015, it was estimated that there were about 30,075 people still living there, meaning people are actually moving away…

Wondering why people aren’t very inclined to live in Lucille Desiree Ball’s birthplace, I did some research to see what kind of attractions are there.

There appear to be some very nice ones scheduled for the next couple of weeks, but really, only a few. There is a Farmers Market, an Ice Rink, and some delicious looking food from Miley’s Old Inn. But the one that really caught my eye was this:


A cruise ship! You can float around on a guided tour, enjoy delicious food, and feel the breeze.

Although we probably won’t have time to enjoy these sights for ourselves, its still fun to see what we will be near.

No, the reason I will be in New York is for the Lucille ball Comedy festival. Like I mentioned earlier, my Grandpa Joseph and his twin Michael Mayer played Little Ricky as children, and we will be going for his part of the show.

I also think it will be interesting to get to learn more about my 9th cousin twice removed, Lucy Ball.

So, on to Jamestown of New York, state of Excelsior. I’ll try to keep you posted. 🙂

Google Tricks

This is going to be a really short post, but these are great tricks haha. Some you may know already, but some are really fascinating!

  1. Go to Google and search “Askew”. The page will tilt sideways.
  2. Search “Do a barrel roll” Or “Do a barrel roll twice”. The page will spin!
  3. You can get Google to find origins of a picture by dragging an image into the search bar.
  4. Get the weather forecast in any city by simply typing (for instance) “(Paris) Weather Forecast”
  5. How about the exact time of sunset or sunrise? “(Paris) Sunset” Or “(London) Sunrise” will do that for you.
  6. “Flight 111 US Airways” will show when your flight is getting in.
  7. And if you search “Google Timer”, you can set yourself a stopwatch.
  8. Type “Zerg Rush” and you can play a game shooting aliens.
  9. Search “Atari Breakout” and go to the Images section. One of my favorites when I’m bored.
  10. And now for the most complicated, and also my personal favorite. Go to and type the following using your arrow keys: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A     Now continue repeatedly pressing A and watch what happens.

I hope you enjoy these crazy things 🙂

Zombay Sickness

I am currently lying in bed with a fever and a headache.

I have been here since 11 am this morning, and am kind of done with being a zombie, so here’s my plan to distract myself.

I am going to look up random facts on Google – land of all introverts – and then put them in this post, if you all would vote your favorites, then I can look up even more fascinating details to bore you with. 🙂 Sounds fun, right?

So, first off, we have this ridiculous ruling.

The longest prison sentence that ever was requested was against a 22 year old postman, who was accused of failing to deliver 42,768 letters, and the sentence was supposed to be for 384,912 years…

The second tail we will tell is this.

Its simple, yet interesting. If your cat is thrashing her tail – not twitching playfully, not waving in a friendly way, but thrashing – it means she is irritated, angry, or upset in some way.

Third fact! Are you bored yet?

Facts to show that zombies literally could not survive, even if they did exist.

Reason One: The heat would be too much for their already dead and rotting flesh.

Reason Two: The cold! The human body is made up of around 65% water. Do you know what water does when it gets cold? It turns to ice.

Reason Three: The idea that becoming a zombie is transferred as a disease through a bite seems to be a mutual agreement in the movie franchise. There is a wonderful article on that I would like to show you a paragraph from.

“The successful diseases have some really clever way to invisibly spread from victim to victim. The flu has killed tens of millions because it floats right through the air, the black plague was spread by fleas, etc. Not a single one of them requires the infected to get within biting distance to spread their infection. Sure, sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS work that way, but that’s only because the infected can pass for the uninfected. Nobody is going to be having sex with a zombie.”

So those are only a few reasons, but hey they seem to make sense to me.

Okay thanks for reading byeee ❤ 🙂

The Swallower Part Two

“So, How’d the job interview go?” Autumn asked, looking over the tops of her glasses. “Did you use the tips I gave you?”


“It was awful. The business just wants me as a pretty face.” Asana sighed and dropped her handbag on the floor as she slumped into her arm chair.


“A pretty face?” Summer wondered. “What do you mean?”


“I mean, they don’t want me as a receptionist like we thought, they want me to model for their billboard.”


Autumn frowned. “It would still be extra cash, is it a full or part or one time sort of job?”
“Just the one time.” Asana pulled off her boots.


“And you didn’t take it?” Autumn clarified.


“Actually I did, and they gave me a…check? Anyways, it wasn’t what I was hoping for at all.”


Summer patted her arm as she walked past. “It’s better than nothing. And hey, you’ll get that dream job, just keep looking!”


Smiling, Asana thanked her. Just then, Maria walked in and saw that Asana was back.


“Oh, you’re home early. Or are you just sprucing up before your interview tonight?” She asked.


“I don’t have an interview tonight, Maria.”


“It says you do on the calendar, isn’t with that big company, TrUe BeaUty?” She looked at the calendar they had hanging on the wall with all of their appointments on it.


“I forgot about it!” Jumping up, Asana ran to look at the calendar. “It starts in half an hour!” She ran and grabbed her purse and shoes, then was out the door before the others could even call goodbye.


She raced down the sidewalk to where there car was parked and jumped in, fumbling with her keys. Revving the engine, she backed up – and heard a crunch. Screaming, she turned, and saw a large pick up with a now-broken fender.


Recognizing it as her neighbors car, she decided she would have to fix it when she got back. Frantically, she zoomed towards the city.


As soon as she got to the building she ran inside, and skidded to a stop in front of the startled woman behind the desk.


Panting, Asana began, “I’m here…for an interview…with-”


“With me.” Another woman was walking towards her, wearing a simple blue pantsuit and  her hair pinned tightly up. Sticking out a hand, she continued. “I’m Miss Price, call me Debra. Won’t you come into my office, and we can get this meeting started?”


Nodding, Asana allowed herself to be led into the next room as she tried to comb through her wild hair with her fingers, and brush away the dust on her skirt.


“Have a seat.” Debra offered, taking her own chair behind a large desk. She folded her hands in her lap and seemed to be waiting for Asana to say something.


Her brain completely blank, Asana stayed quiet. The silence grew awkward, and she finally blurted out, “What type of wood is it?”


“I’m…sorry, what?” Debra looked confused.


“The…your desk. What type of wood is it?” Asked Asana, hating herself.


Debra laughed. “Pear wood. So, why do you think I should hire you for this job?”


“In all honesty, you have an open position, and I need a job. However, I have always hoped to be able to call myself a member of such a prestigious group as yours.” Pleased with herself, Asana smiled easily.


“Well then, that was very nicely put, thank you.” Shuffling her papers, Debra continued with questions about expected pay and work hours, and the rest of the meeting went smoothly.


When Asana walked back to her car after the meeting, she let out a breath of relief. Miss Price had ended the meeting telling her to expect a letter on the mail with the results of their conversation within the week.


Happily, Asana drove home listening to the radio.


Although, when she saw the bent fender of her neighbors car as she pulled into the driveway, her elation was somewhat diminished. Deciding to procrastinate the inevitable a little longer, she walked into the house and called for the girls.


There was no answer.


“I wonder where they could have gone…” Asana wondered aloud.


Walking further into the living room, she gasped, covering her mouth.


Her armchair was laying on its side, the carpet was dark and wet, the table had deep cuts all across it, and the fan was falling out of the ceiling, wires sparking dangerously.


“Maria?” She shouted worriedly. “Autumn? Summer!” Where were they? “You guys! Someone answer me, please!”


Running through the kitchen and up the stairs she found messes just as bad. It seemed like an angry, giant tiger had destroyed their house.


Terrified for what she might find every time she opened a door, Asana searched the whole house, but there was no sign of any of her roommates.


Finally, she returned to her own room, cleared chunks of the ceiling off her bed, and then sunk onto it slowly. Curling up with her knees pulled up to her chest and her back to the wall, she tried to think of what to do.


Closing her eyes, Asana heard a snarl that startled he back to her feet.


A pair of glowing eyes were staring at her from her closet.


The Fourth Of July

Here is a (late) tribute to our nations 238th birthday.

Also to fire, because fire is awesome.

I watched the flame burning atop my lighter carefully, making notes of the way it faded in and out, burning blue at the bottom, yellow and orange at the top. The way the slightest breeze would blow it in every direction, or even put it out. I watched the waves of heat rippling around it, and felt the warmth radiating out.

It was amazing, how something so small could produce such an incredible substance.

Fascinated, I turned it slowly, focused so intently, that when the breeze blew out the flame, I jumped slightly. Looking up  I saw my cousin, Dean, looking at me like I was crazy.

“What?” I asked defensively.

He shook his head slowly. “You are so bizarre. What’s so interesting about a little lighter? We have a full on fire-pit in the backyard.”

“I know, but it seems so delicate, yet…so strong.” I lit the tiny fire again.

Exasperated, Dean pulled the lighter out of my hand. “Come on, it’s the Fourth of July, and you can’t leave me alone with all of our crazy family.” He started walking to the back yard.

“Hey! Bring me back my lighter!” I shouted after him.

He broke into a jog. “Come and get it!”

Muttering angrily under my breath, I wheeled myself carefully through the side yard, and as fast as I could to where Dean was waiting by the grill. Angrily, I snatched my lighter out of his hand.

“That was rude.” I glared at him.

“Well excuse me.” He yawned.

I wheeled myself along my tiny wheelchair accessible path, and over to my mom. Sighing, I joined the ‘old folks’ conversation, knowing Dean would never chance following me over there, lest he get dragged into talk about some sort of gun rights or pig slaughtering or something else gory.

But I didn’t mind my crazy great uncles, and it was nice to see Gamma again.

Speaking of Gamma, she leaned over and handed me a tiny coin purse.

“What’s this for?” I asked quizzically.

“Shhh, don’t show your cousins.” She glanced around to make sure no one was listening. “It’s for your lighters. I measured, and it should be just big enough to fit two.”

“Thanks! That’s awesome!” Opening the purse eagerly, I found that there was already a lighter and a case of matches in there. Smiling I looked up into my grandma’s empty eyes. She had gone blind a few years ago due to head trauma after a car accident. The same accident that had paralyzed me from the waist down.

Hugging me, she whispered, “A Fourth of July present for my special little pyro. I even got the purse in red, white and blue.”

“I love it.” I kissed her on the cheek, and then laughed to myself as I realized that the purse was, in fact, green camo, not the colors of our flag. But close enough.

Turning I saw Dean shaking his head at me from across the yard. I stuck my tongue out at him. Mature, I know, but basically that sums up my relationship with my cousins. So mature.

Yawning, I leaned back in my wheelchair, and looked up at the sky. It was already a little polluted from early fireworks around the state, but I could still see a couple stars that had come early.

Happier than I had been in a long time, I held my grandma’s hand, and let myself relax in the friendly atmosphere of the holiday season.


The Swallower

Asana gasped as she choked on her final breath of water.

Flipping herself onto her back, she watched as her tail finished the transformation into legs. Gone was her life as a mermaid.

Now, time to find some clothes, and then go and finish her paperwork so she could start her job as a real estate agent.

She already knew of some lovely beach front properties for sale, but maybe she should find some in the city, so the temptation to dive back into the depths of the sea wouldn’t overpower her. Also so that The Swallower didn’t steal this job too.

Standing up shakily, Asana slowly made her way up the beach to the cabin that she and her fellow fugitives had been using as a safe house in their transition to the human world. When she got to the front door, she slipped inside.

A motherly looking woman with long, graying hair and dark caramel skin took her by the hand and led her up the stairs to a small room with a cozy looking bed and a large closet that stood open, revealing an assortment of clothes in all shapes, sizes, and styles.

Shivering as she realized how cold she was, Asana thanked the woman and asked her name.

“I’m Maria.” Smiling she pointed about the room as she talked. “You can get changed, and dinner is an hour. You have a very nice view of the sunset, which I encourage you to take advantage of, as it really is gorgeous. Enjoy your stay.” She walked to the door and then paused. “Might I ask how long you will be lodging here?”

“Oh yes, um, probably not very long I don’t actually know…” Feeling awkward and unhelpful, Asana looked down at her feet. What strange things they were, with a bunch of little toes sticking out of such short flippers.

“That’s alright, dear. Now, find some clothes that you like, and I’ll see you in a short while.” Closing the door behind her, she gave Asana one last fleeting smile of encouragement.

Turning to the wardrobe filled to bursting, Asana frowned. How would she know what would be acceptable to wear? So she decided to experiment.

First she put on a flowery dress, but it fell off her shoulders and straight onto the floor. Next she tried a high waisted black skirt and a yellow top, but the skirt was so tight it squeezed the breath out of her. After a few more tries, she finally found a pair of – weren’t they called pants? And a simple pink t-shirt.

Pleased with the well-fitting choice, she leaned out the window to see the sunset. It was as beautiful as she had been told it would be. The pinks and reds changed to purples which blended with the blues of the sea.

Sighing, she inhaled the salty air, and wiped at her damp eyes. It was hard, knowing that her entire life had to be left behind. She would never see her friends or family again. She would never play in the coral reefs, or fight the currents…

Asana pushed herself away from the window ledge. It wouldn’t do to dwell on her past. She had to push it to the back of her mind, and soon her biological mermaid forgetfulness would kick in, and she would never have to be worried about her loss again.

The hard part was waiting for it to be over.

As Asana walked down the stairs, she could smell a savory and rich flavor. When she got the kitchen, she saw Maria standing over a pot of something steamy, that the smell appeared to be coming from. Turning to grab a ladle, Maria saw Asana in her new clothes.

“Very nice choice.” She complimented. “Here, taste this, tell me what you think.” She handed Asana the now-full ladle, and she tipped it to her mouth. A hot surge of taste exploded into her mouth. There was sweetness and saltiness and something soft and something chewy and oh it was so amazing, but then Asana was eagerly sipping at an empty spoon.

Laughing, Maria handed her a napkin for the little bit that had dribbled down her chin. “It’s called Beef and Vegetable Stew. What do you think?”

“I think I want more!” Asana replied excitedly. The human world really was incredible, she decided.

“Well, you will have to wait a few more minutes, but here is a roll for now. Why don’t you head out and meet your new sisters?” Maria handed her a small round thing wrapped in a linen cloth, and shooed her through the door into another room.

Inside, two girls were sitting at a table. One was reading a book, wearing large black and glass things over her eyes, and the other was chewing on the end of her long blonde hair while making a loud typing noise on a thin black… something. Looking up, the blonde smiled widely.

“Hi!” She jumped up and hugged the surprised Asana. “I’m Summer. This is Autumn. We’re twins. We are from the sea too, so we know how hard this is for you, so if you need anything just ask, and we will find it for you right away and -“

“Summer, let her breathe.” The second girl had stood up, and was reaching out a hand to shake. “Hey, I’m Autumn. Sorry, she is really excited to meet more mermaids. We’ve been the only ones here for a month.”

“Oh no, that’s fine.” Laughing nervously, she continued. “I’m Asana. It’s nice to meet you.”

“Asana! That is such a pretty name!” Summer squealed, and Autumn shooed her back to her seat at the table.

“Here, You can sit in between us.” Autumn guided her to the chair. “Have you ever had stew before?”

“Oh no, I just got my first taste of human food.” Feeling somehow comfortable with these girls, she continued, “It’s amazing! Oh it is so good, I want to eat more and more!” All three laughed.

“Autumn, Summer, will you help me carry this out?” Maria called from the kitchen. The twins jumped up and ran to help.

Asana looked around the room. It was a dark cherry wood color, and there were nice deep red accents around the room. A fluffy carpet felt very soft on her toes. The table was long, there was enough room a dozen people could sit around it. Asana wondered why there weren’t more mermaids here. Hadn’t the entire sea gone out of business?

Maria and the twins came back in the room. Maria set the pot of stew on a heat pad on the table and Autumn placed a bowl of rolls next to it, while Summer danced around setting out silverware.

“Can I help at all?” Asana asked, eager to be a part of the happy, inclusive atmosphere that surrounded the three women.

“Oh no, that’s alright. Let’s sit and- well, I guess you could give thanks over the meal if you’d like.” Maria reached out and took hands with Autumn and Summer, who, in turn, took Asana’s.

“I don’t know how…” Asana admitted quietly.

Maria nodded. “Well then I’ll say it.” And so she offered a simple prayer of thanks, and Asana listened closely to every word so that she could be sure to be able to pray next time she was asked.

After the delicious dinner, Maria sent the girls upstairs while she finished scrubbing out the big pot. Autumn and Summer shard a room to the right of Asana’s, and when they leaned out their window and Asana leaned out hers, they could see and talk to each other.

Giggling about this new-found development, the twins said goodnight and headed to bed. Asana quickly followed suit.

As she layed on the fluffy sheets, with a silky pillow beneath her head, Asana watched the ripples of light dancing across her room from the open window.

Smiling, she thought to herself, Maybe this won’t be so hard after all.

Tribal Style

Last night I felt like drawing.

So, I sketched a few Tribal style animals, that I hope you enjoy.

To start I have a simple hummingbird.


Then I have a howling wolf.


Then a cute butterfly.


Two little dragons…



And then some sort of river dragon,


A bat doing a trick,


A cute little cat, in honor of my Toby who was sitting on my lap getting in my way at the time,


And my absolute favorite, a gorgeous peacock.


Thanks for reading and looking at, comment your favorite. ❤ 🙂



Treasure Hunt


I went outside to find my little sisters, and they were digging in the yard by the house, with handfuls of coins!

Ella, Natasha, and Kelli had been working at it for a good part of the morning, and they had  – we estimated – almost three dollars in change.

The coins were filthy, coated in dirt, and of course we decided to clean them and see how much they were actually worth.

There were pennies, dimes, nickels, quarters, and even a half dollar that Natasha is very proud of.

The pictures I have aren’t great, but they’ll do.

This was when I first brought them inside, you can see how grimy they are, its hard to tell even which coins are which at this point.

I started working on cleaning them off, and then Natasha and Kelli helped, while Ella anxiously watched over her 15 cents.

And then, clean! Well, as clean as we were able to get them, anyways.


We have coins from years 1975, 76, 66, and the half dollar is from 1971.


Here is my share. I have a 1979 quarter, and a total of 96 cents. Sweet! Maybe not a fortune in gold, but its still pretty cool.

The big question we have now, is why the heck where there coins buried in our yard? Did the previous owner lose them? Were they stolen by a toddler and buried for safekeeping? We will never know, but no matter why they were there, its a fun experience to get to find them.



A Tribute

To Disney!

Thank you Disney, for shaping my life. You’ve taught me love, the importance of family and friends, bravery, standing up for what I believe in, and so much more.

You’ve helped me through the hard times, and made me laugh when I was sad.

You inspired me to teach myself to draw, and write, and sing, and dance.

So thank you, for filling my life with joy.

Here, as the picture part of this tribute, are a few sketches I’ve drawn of Disney characters, and a couple quotes to go along with them.

FullSizeRender (5)

FullSizeRender (6)










One in color,

FullSizeRender (7)

And then my most recent (I drew it a few minutes ago), and also my favorite,

FullSizeRender (4)

With the title ‘Being Normal Is Boring!’


I hope you enjoyed this post, comment your favorite picture, thanks! ❤ 🙂