Cherry Picking and Dachshunds

Photography by me and my best friend, Marie.

We took these photos the other day when we were picking the cherries in her front yard.
After about 2 hours, we had gathered bags and bags, and eaten about that many too.

Then we went inside to play with Marie’s Dachshunds, Cleo and Beau. We got some lovely pictures of them too 🙂 ❤

Cute, right? Beau is the red boy on the left, Cleo is his mom on the right.

So sweet and friendly! I had to get closeups.

Isn’t Beau just SO photogenic?

After we took these priceless pieces, we took the puppies for a walk. And we learned something fabulous!

If you scratch or pet a dogs ears, the nerve impulses sent thru the hypothalamus and pituitary glands secrete endorphins, which are the pain-killing, feel-good hormones. It makes your dog feel immediately relaxed and happy.Basically, when you rub your dog’s ears, they get high off of their own hormones.

So, when the doggies started to slow down and get tired on the walk, we would stop and rub their ears for a couple of minutes, and then they would run ahead, almost pulling us along behind them!

The release of happy hormones made an incredible difference.

Enjoy this random knowledge and the cute pictures. ❤ 🙂


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