Fluffy, Fuzzy, and Feathery

I’d like to tell a little bit about a couple of my pets.

First, we have Mouse, a  Blue Merle Great Dane. She looks kind of like this:

Second, we have Jedidiah, or just Jedi. He is a ring necked Dove. He looks something like this:

And lastly, but not least, is Faye, my 7/8 New Zealand 1/8 Flemish Giant rabbit, who is similar to this:

Now, Mouse and Faye are very large for their species, and Jedi is not. Faye, as a rabbit, can get to be 10-12 pounds, and Mouse is around 125 pounds.

The funny thing, other than size difference, about these three is their friendship. Jedi and Faye will try to nuzzle each other thru the bars of his birdcage. Mouse and Faye will chase each other around in the yard, and Jedi will give Mouse back scratches by walking up and down her while she lies on the floor.

I just thought that they had a cute and unusual friendship that would be fun to share. ❤

Thanks for reading 🙂


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