My Thoughts…

Okay so first off, what if… Ducks had like, little baby human faces, so when you went to feed them bread it was like, this tiny child face “mon nom yum” drooling everywhere, how weird would that be?


Or hey what if… Emotions had certain SMELLS associated with them, so like, Happy is a Summer Breeze or Chocolate or Freshly Mowed Grass or Old Books or New Parchment, Angry is a Burning Fire or Smoke or Rat Poison or Blood, Fear is a Dead Body or a Rotten Egg or perhaps whatever your greatest fear is. How cool would that be, that whatever emotion you were feeling, you would smell? Everyone would try to be happier so they could smell nicer things, wouldn’t they? Or terribly Angry, because Fires smell amazing.

What If…When you died, you became a ghost and if you went to hell you had to choose one place to haunt, but you hated earth so as a joke you said you wanted to haunt aliens, and EL DIABLO sent you to Mars if you were a guy and Venus if you were a woman, and you actually got to meet aliens and then you were haunting them and just…how fun would that be?


All right that’s all for My crazy Random Thoughts tonight, I’ll add more when I come up with them. 🙂 Thanks for reading ❤





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