Can You Imagine?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly?

Soaring above the clouds, feeling the wind caress you, weightless in the air, with nothing around you except for your own wings, holding you up, up above the cities and the troubles of the world, pulling you to the tops of the clouds where you could rest, and enjoy the most miraculous views.

Visions of blazing red sunsets, soft golden light creeping over the clouds, the blackest night with the brightest stars…Can you imagine how beautiful it would all be?

Have you ever thought of what it would be like to swim without having to breathe?

The coral reefs, schools of multicolored fish, the warm water swishing about, currents dragging you gently, the soft sand between your toes, the different shades of blues, the crabs scuttling over rocks, a dolphin arcing above the waves, and peace everywhere.

Can you think of breathing in water, feeling the oxygen course through your lungs, without the sharp inhalation of above land air?  Wouldn’t it be amazing?

Just imagine, the gift of the earth we have, just imagine being like an eagle in the clouds, or like a shark swimming in the sea.

Sometimes it’s nice to just think of it all, and imagine.



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