Singin’ In The Rain

Hey everyone! I just got back from Girls Camp a few minutes ago, and I thought I’d share a quick story.

So, It was more like Girls Glamping, and we had showers.

I was in the shower after an early sunrise hike, and me being me, I was singing to myself. While everyone was trying to sleep. Oops. Well, I kept hearing these thumps, and I could hear my room buddies talking, but every time I paused to listen to what was going on, everything would go quiet. So I’d shrug and keep singing.

I got out and found out that while I had been pouring my soul out in music, they had been chucking shoes, water bottles, hats, and assorted other inanimate objects at the door to get me to shut up. When I had been hearing voices, it was them yelling at me. When I went quiet to listen they would settle down peacefully, thinking I had gotten the message. But since I actually couldn’t hear them, I would start up my ballads once more, and the entire process would begin again.

Hence, when we were given camp awards I was given, “Singin’ In The Rain”, because of my shower experience, and also because whenever it rained I would dance across the field.

I’ll post more camp moments later. Bye!! Thanks for reading 🙂



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