When I Fell; A Short Story


Here is my newest short story. All of you struggling, Stay Strong. It gets better.


Her fingers gripped the edge of the cliff so tightly they were almost numb. The darkness clouded around her, and she wondered just how bad it would be to let go, to fall, away from this pain, and suffering, anxiety and loneliness and abuse of this world she lived in. If she fell, who would really miss her?

She sobbed, choking on her own tears.

“Let go.”

She froze, as she heard a voice call to her. It was gentle, but strong, and carried surprisingly well through the dark fog that would not let her see.

“Let go. I’ll catch you.”

Would this mysterious voice really catch her, if she fell? Off this cliff, into a void and darkness, would someone really be able to stop this? But then again, if she was going to fall anyways, maybe she should just take this slight chance…was she worth even trying to save?

She let out a frustrated scream, a scream terrible, like a wounded animal, because really, wasn’t that all she was at this point?

“It’s alright. You can trust me. Just let go.” The voice called up again, soothing her, calming her clouded mind. Well, maybe she could take this very last chance.

She let go.

She could feel her skirt wrapping around her legs. She screamed again, the sound vibrating within her, filling her throat and stomach and legs. She prepared for the impact of sharp rocks, or solid stone as her breath was taken away by the force of the wind.

Arms, wrapped around her, one under her legs, one around her neck. The voice had managed to catch her. When she looked, she saw they were still in the mysterious black fog, standing on a small precipice jutting off the wall of the cliff. Slowly, she looked up, into her savior’s eyes.

They were a clear blue, and seemed to relax any fear she had left. She choked on a sob of relief.

“It is still a long way to the bottom. It will be very hard, but I will help you.” She nodded and reached her arms around his neck, holding on for dear life, as she doubted she could walk another step, or even really hold herself up.

“I’ll help too.” Another voice, this one louder, rougher, but still kind.
“Don’t forget me.” An obviously feminine, sweet, light voice carried up from slightly further down past the first.

“I will too.”

“So will I.”

“Don’t worry, we are here for you.” More and more voices called out, all further away than the last, all reassuring their want, almost need, to help this girl, even though she was only a stranger.

The man began walking. The girl tensed, expecting to fall once again into the ever reaching fog, but he had landed on a step, a stair.

There was a staircase, leading down the cliff wall, and all the people that these wonderful, inspiring voices belonged to had formed a chain of their hands, protecting the man and his charge as he carried her down, down to safety. When they reached the bottom of the cliff face, the light changed, the fog was now above them, and they stood in a small, grassy clearing, filled with a soft golden light. It was so opposite the image of sharp, black rocks, waiting to capture another helpless victim, that she had imagined, that when she opened her eyes, she was rather shocked.

The man set her down on the soft, cool grass, with the occasional clovers dotting the meadow, tickling her bare legs.

One by one, the train of people that had followed them down the steps crowded around, kneeling by her and the man, and once they were all seated, they reached out, putting arms around each other, taking hands, and soon they had all formed a multi-layered ring, filled with warmth and love.

The man took the girls face in his hands, and whispered softly, with a sort of brotherly love she had never experienced before,

“You are safe now. I love you.”

She closed her eyes, and relaxed, and felt the truth of his words, resonating through her, as she calmed. Now, she was fine. She was safe. She was loved.


One thought on “When I Fell; A Short Story

  1. gammaruth says:

    Beautiful. We all need to remember that in our darkest hour we are not alone. If we put our trust in our savior we can be saved and know that we are loved. Good story!


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