Powder Baby

I heard laughter, very loud laughter, Marie’s mom, chuckling so hard she snorted. I giggled.

“What was that?” I asked Marie.

“I don’t know, lets go see.” She answered. The two of us got up and headed down the hall. Her mom was still laughing, and we followed the sound to Marie’s little brother’s room.

“Oh my goodness…”

Sitting in the middle of the floor was Ryker, except it took me a minute to identify him, seeing as he sort of looked like he’d been covered in flour. Except it wasn’t flour, it was baby powder. Ryker’s one-year-older brother, Carter, was standing over him, holding a now-empty box of baby powder, upended over Ryker’s little head.

Marie’s mom was leaning against a dresser, laughing harder than I had ever seen her laugh before. I started to laugh too, and then Marie joined us. Carter and Ryker, not knowing what was going on, looked at us nervously. Then Carter took his opportunity and tried to run out of the room, but his mom called him back.

“You clean this up, young man!” He sulked back into the room, and a few minutes later he and his mom were cleaning the floor while Marie and i tried to clean the powder off of Ryker.

It took a while, but the memory of seeing Carter standing proudly over a powder baby kept us laughing for much longer.


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