Fly Home, Little Birdie!


I jumped, and ran outside to see why Kelli was screaming. She and Natasha were staring up at the sky, mouths gaping open.

“Kelli! Natasha! Are you okay? Why are you screaming?” I pulled Kelli’s shoulders so she turned to face me. She pointed up to the sky.

“Look at it flying! It’s in Old Man Ollie’s yard.”

“What is?” I still couldn’t see it, although I was searching Mr. Ollie’s lawn carefully.

“The Parrot.” I heard a loud cawing noise, and when I looked up, I did indeed see a large yellow and blue parrot soaring over the trees in Ollie’s yard. The bird flew into our next door neighbors yard, landing one of their trees.

“Woah…what is a parrot doing flying around the neighborhood?” I asked.

“We don’t know, but it seems confused. It keeps flying from house to house and calling, like its trying to find something.” Natasha answered.

Just then, a pick up truck drove extremely slowly down the side of the road. In their excitement, my sisters called to the driver, who’s window was rolled down, “Look! There’s a parrot in our neighbors yard! Look! Isn’t it pretty?”

The man stopped his truck. “A parrot you say? There? Hey, that’s my bird! I’ve been driving around town trying to find him! Thanks, kids!” He climbed out of his car and ran up into the neighbors front yard. “Maui! Maui! Come to daddy Maui!” The bird screeched excitedly. “Good boy, Maui!”

Well, the man did end up eventually coaxing his parrot, Maui, out of the tree. he thanked us for our help, and drove away.

And that, my friends, is the story of how a parrot flew around our small neighborhood for about an hour before returning home.

It was a weird day.





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