Different = Same (Part 1)

So, here is the beginning of the story Different = Same. If you are interested in continuing to get new sections of this particular story, please comment. Thanks!

Now, for Different = Same, by Me.

This is the story of my beautiful friend, Gwen, and I, Desiree, and how we became so close. At first glance you might wonder how we could ever end up such great friends. She is Emo, and looks great in it in a way I never could, I am a pretty-girl blonde who wears Rue 21 much more often than Hot Topic. But, despite how different we look, we became friends on just the first day we met.

Of course, we didn’t know each others secrets then, but it was fine. We would find out soon enough.

On the day we first met, Gwen and I were talking about her new studded boots (which looked amazing on her, by the way), when I heard a shout from behind me.

Michael, an obnoxious kid in our high school, was yelling, “Hey look, it’s the fairy and the vampire!”

I turned around slowly, and called back, “Actually, she’s just a human.” I flashed him a smile, making sure to let my fangs, which I usually keep well hidden, glint in the sun. He gasped, staring in shock at my mouth. I turned back to Gwen, and saw her hiding a surprised smile behind her black gloved hand. I put an arm around her, and we walked off together, continuing our conversation from before.

After that day, the two of us were inseparable. We were teased a lot, and soon the entire school had nicknamed us the fairy and the vampire. Michael, however, never laughed at me again, although he still joked about Gwen’s piercings sometimes.

Actually, our big adventure started on a day when he had yanked down her sleeve, revealing her fresh scars from self harm. I had just walked out of my classroom, where she had been waiting for me. I ran forwards, and while she tugged her sleeve back up, I spun around, and in front of half the school, punched Michael on the jaw. Someone screamed. He had stumbled and his friend, Dean, pushed him back up.

“Hey! What did you do that for? I wasn’t bothering you!” He shouted, turning red.

“You do something to Gwen, it’s the same, maybe worse, than if you are doing it to me.” I glared into his cold, icy blue eyes.

He was still recovering from me punching him and it took him a moment before he shook himself enough to mutter, “Whatever,” and walk away, followed by Dean. The kids in the hall cleared a path, silent.

Once they had passed, everyone turned back to us, but we had already disappeared around the corner. We hurried to the bathroom, an Gwen fixed her smeared mascara.

“He actually tore my sleeve.” She frowned.

“Let’s go to the mall today, I’ll get you some new ones.” I pulled a strand of curly black hair from her face and smiled into her still-somewhat-teary eyes.

“You don’t have to-“

“Ya well, I’m going to.”

I hugged her, and we walked out, splitting up for our next classes as I called, “Meet me at the memorial statue after school!”

And sure enough, not 5 minutes after school had ended, I walked out to find her leaning against the red-painted statue, covered in the carved names of students who had committed suicide.

My mom, who I had texted a bit earlier, picked us up and dropped us back off at the local mall soon after.

Even walking through the mall, we got strange looks. But we were used to it. Just an ordinary day to be laughed at by neighbors, like we were some sort of freak show, there for their entertainment. We stopped in Hot Topic, and she convinced me to get a silver-studded choker necklace.

“What will I even wear it with?” I asked as we walked back out and continued on our way.

“Maybe your leather jacket, I dunno. I just wanted you to get it so I can borrow it.” She laughed and I shoved her before giggling as well.

“Hey do you see that guy?” She asked, suddenly serious.

“Where? Which one?”

“The red head, standing by the drinking fountain.” She nodded in his direction, and I followed her gaze to see a tall guy with short red hair, wearing a Beatles t-shirt.

“He’s cute, and he likes the Beatles! You should ask him out.” Gwen rolled her eyes.

“You think I should ask everyone out.”

“Well, everyone is cute, in their own way. And besides, he likes the Beatles! That shows good, old fashioned taste. Which you like. He’s perfect for you!”

“You have to be joking. You are going off him wearing an old t-shirt, for all we know he borrowed it and hates the Beatles. Besides, I don’t feel like going out with anyone right now. You know I’m still not over Jaken.” She looked down at the floor sadly.

I pretended not to notice. “Okay fine. You don’t have to ask him out, but I will.” Her head shot up.

“What? No! Why?”

“I told you he’s cute.” I started forward, then froze. He was looking right at me, and when I had started walking he smiled wide. Wide enough for me to see the tips of strangely sharp teeth. I gasped. Gwen tugged my arm.

“Des? What’s wrong?” She turned to face me. “Hey! You okay? You look like you just saw a vampire or a ghost or something!”

I shook my hair out of my face, and the red head winked at me before turning to get a drink from the fountain next to him. “Woah…” I whispered.

“Hello? Desiree? You in there?” She punched me lightly to get my attention. I looked at her dazedly.

“Yes, I’m fine sorry, I’m just not going to ask him out anymore…let’s keep going…sorry…” I smiled weakly. Gwen shrugged and we kept walking.

“You weirdo, what was that all about?”

“OH nothing..” But it was something. His teeth, had been sharp, just as sharp as mine were…was it coincidence? Were they fake? Or was he really like me? A vampire, lost and confused in a world of humans? No, they must have just been implants. Against my better judgement, I cautiously looked back behind me at him. He was watching us again, and winked once more. Was it the light, or had his eyes gleamed red?

“Hey, are you even listening to me?” Gwen glared up at me.

“Wha- Oh, no, sorry.” I sighed. “What were you saying?” She rolled her eyes.

“H&M is having a sale, are we going or not? I saw a nice pair of ripped black jeggings in the window.”

“Oh, they have cute skirts, sure lets go.” For the rest of the day I tried to forget the red head, firmly ignoring the nagging feeling that he might be- well no, he wasn’t, of course he wasn’t…I was shaken out of my reverie – literally – by Gwen, as she pointed from behind a rack of t-shirts.

“Look, there’s your date again.” She grinned, and I squealed and hid behind a jewelry display. There he was, walking right past the store. He looked out at Gwen, now appearing to be standing alone, and smiled, although not wide enough for me to see if he had the fangs or not. He waved slightly, but said nothing and kept walking.

“Desiree Elizabeth Marten. Get up off the floor.” She reached out and pulled me to my feet. “We need to get home, I’m hungry.”

“Okay ya, sure, no problem. Let’s go…”

For the rest of the week the thought of the red headed boy disturbed my thoughts, distracting me in classes, and making it hard to sleep at night. Gwen seemed to have forgotten all about him, so I didn’t bring him up again, until I just couldn’t stand it any longer. We were walking down the mall again, the first time since we had been the week before. Gwen was ranting about the limits her parents had put on her computer, heavily filtering any web access. I cut her off, unable to handle keeping quiet about my thoughts of this guy any longer.

“Doesn’t he bother you?” I blurted out. She stopped mid-word and at first looked upset at me rudely cutting her off, but then confused.

“Doesn’t who bother me why?” I dropped my voice to a whisper.

“The red headed man we saw last time we came here! He’s been driving me nuts all week.” How could she have forgotten him?

“Sure he was creepy, but you get loads of weirdos around here…has it really been bothering you that much? Des, you aren’t actually scared of him, are you?” She asked incredulously.


“Oh come on. He wasn’t creepy to you at all?” I paused. “Not even his teeth?”

“What about his teeth? Were they rotted out or something?” She laughed, but upon seeing my expression froze. “Oh gosh, were they really rotted?”

I shook my head. “No, but you honestly didn’t see them?”

“No! Why? What was so weird about them?” She stopped walking again, and I looked down into her huge green eyes, bright and curious. Should I tell her? I wondered.

“Nothing. Forget it.” I tried to turn into a store, but she grabbed my arm and pulled me back.

“After all that, you panicking, now you say its nothing? Ya, that’s definitely going to work on me.” Gwen rolled her eyes. “Now tell me, what bugged you so much about this kid?”

“You’ll think I’m crazy…”

“Tell me!” She practically shouted. I shouldn’t have mentioned anything, she is way too persistent, and can always tell when I am hiding something. She even figured out when I was planning her a surprise birthday party. Then again, I wasn’t too subtle asking what she wanted for a present…

“Desiree!” She shouted in my ear, standing on tiptoe in her already high heels, so as to make herself more formidable. It didn’t work, I was still about 4 inches taller. I smirked. She glared.

“Okay fine, but don’t laugh.” She settled down again.

“I won’t.” She saw my unbelieving expression and continued, “Really, cross my heart and hope to die.”

“Here goes then. I think he had…fangs. Like, a vampire, or a Dracula-“

“Or a werewolf! Sweet!” She grinned and walked into another store. I followed her.

“Sweet?! Are you serious?” I jumped in front of her, blocking her path.

“Ya! It would be super cool to get implants. Like, how fun and creepy would that be?” She edged around me and continued browsing some perfume with a brand called “Beauty and the Death”.

“Creepy, yes. Fun, not so much! They cut into your gums…”

She laughed. “How do you know that?”

“I…” I flicked my tongue over my teeth, my extra sharp, vampire teeth. I had gotten them after my baby ones fell out. The morning I woke up with them I also noticed my eyes gleamed red in the light. I was 8 then, and when I was ten I was able to trick my parents into letting me get contacts. It was odd, I looked in my moms eyes and asked, expecting her to say no, but her usually sparkling brown eyes seemed glazed over. So did my dads. They both agreed, and I have worn blue contacts ever since. Other side effects came, along with wanting bloodier meat rather than well done as before. Or the occasional urge to bite something. I had been able to oppress most of what I feel, but I’m still uncomfortable with my most noticeable differences; the fangs. Usually I can keep them covered, they don’t stick out of my mouth or anything, and maybe some day I will be able to get them filed down professionally. Shaking my head I finished my thought. “I don’t know, just a guess.”

Gwen shrugged. “I dunno, it would still be cool.”

“Huh. Sure.”

“Oh can you imagine getting like, black fangs?! Or red, so they always look like you just bit someone.” Gwen was getting excited now.

“You know, I’m not really comfortable with the thought.” I tried to change the subject. “Anyways, how was your History test today? Ace it as usual?”

She gave me a suspicious glance, but shrugged and allowed the change. I relaxed, realizing I had tensed my whole body up during our conversation.

“Yup, I got an A again. Maybe my mom will take that into account when I petition a nose piercing tonight…”

“Really, Gwen? You’re asking again?” I shook my head. This was the third time this school year, and both of her last efforts had ended in being grounded.


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