BFF Photography

My friend Marie’s parents are gone traveling for a couple of weeks, so she is staying with us during that time.

Last night after having a girls night with some of my moms friend (ya facials!), we headed out back to relax in the cool night air.

We brought some cards and Marie’s iPhone, and decided some pictures would be fun. Here they are, enjoy 🙂

FullSizeRender (17)

FullSizeRender (18)

These cards are getting out of hand…

FullSizeRender (22)

And here is my favorite, I took this picture and I love it so much!

FullSizeRender (16)

❤ ❤ ❤

Comment if you like them 🙂


Cherry Picking and Dachshunds

Photography by me and my best friend, Marie.

We took these photos the other day when we were picking the cherries in her front yard.
After about 2 hours, we had gathered bags and bags, and eaten about that many too.

Then we went inside to play with Marie’s Dachshunds, Cleo and Beau. We got some lovely pictures of them too 🙂 ❤

Cute, right? Beau is the red boy on the left, Cleo is his mom on the right.

So sweet and friendly! I had to get closeups.

Isn’t Beau just SO photogenic?

After we took these priceless pieces, we took the puppies for a walk. And we learned something fabulous!

If you scratch or pet a dogs ears, the nerve impulses sent thru the hypothalamus and pituitary glands secrete endorphins, which are the pain-killing, feel-good hormones. It makes your dog feel immediately relaxed and happy.Basically, when you rub your dog’s ears, they get high off of their own hormones.

So, when the doggies started to slow down and get tired on the walk, we would stop and rub their ears for a couple of minutes, and then they would run ahead, almost pulling us along behind them!

The release of happy hormones made an incredible difference.

Enjoy this random knowledge and the cute pictures. ❤ 🙂

Fluffy, Fuzzy, and Feathery

I’d like to tell a little bit about a couple of my pets.

First, we have Mouse, a  Blue Merle Great Dane. She looks kind of like this:

Second, we have Jedidiah, or just Jedi. He is a ring necked Dove. He looks something like this:

And lastly, but not least, is Faye, my 7/8 New Zealand 1/8 Flemish Giant rabbit, who is similar to this:

Now, Mouse and Faye are very large for their species, and Jedi is not. Faye, as a rabbit, can get to be 10-12 pounds, and Mouse is around 125 pounds.

The funny thing, other than size difference, about these three is their friendship. Jedi and Faye will try to nuzzle each other thru the bars of his birdcage. Mouse and Faye will chase each other around in the yard, and Jedi will give Mouse back scratches by walking up and down her while she lies on the floor.

I just thought that they had a cute and unusual friendship that would be fun to share. ❤

Thanks for reading 🙂

My Thoughts…

Okay so first off, what if… Ducks had like, little baby human faces, so when you went to feed them bread it was like, this tiny child face “mon nom yum” drooling everywhere, how weird would that be?


Or hey what if… Emotions had certain SMELLS associated with them, so like, Happy is a Summer Breeze or Chocolate or Freshly Mowed Grass or Old Books or New Parchment, Angry is a Burning Fire or Smoke or Rat Poison or Blood, Fear is a Dead Body or a Rotten Egg or perhaps whatever your greatest fear is. How cool would that be, that whatever emotion you were feeling, you would smell? Everyone would try to be happier so they could smell nicer things, wouldn’t they? Or terribly Angry, because Fires smell amazing.

What If…When you died, you became a ghost and if you went to hell you had to choose one place to haunt, but you hated earth so as a joke you said you wanted to haunt aliens, and EL DIABLO sent you to Mars if you were a guy and Venus if you were a woman, and you actually got to meet aliens and then you were haunting them and just…how fun would that be?


All right that’s all for My crazy Random Thoughts tonight, I’ll add more when I come up with them. 🙂 Thanks for reading ❤




Beautiful Through All Of Time

“Are you sure this is going to work?” I looked at the big, whirring piece of metal covered in buttons, knobs, and levers that my friend was fiddling around with.

“Nope.” He responded. “But hey, even if you die, you will do so spectacularly!” I gave him a look to let him know that comment did nothing to calm my buzzing nerves. “Sorry.” He went back to adjusting a large dial labeled “Sinister and Deadly, DO NOT TOUCH”.

“Ugh I’m so worried…” I shook myself, and resumed my path I’d been tracing around the room.

He shrugged, then stepped back from his work. “Don’t be. This could be the biggest scientific breakthrough ever! Enjoy your moment.” He turned and walked over to hug me. “You’ll be fine, I promise.”

“Thanks. So, when will it be ready?”

“Now.” He grabbed my hand and tugged me across the dusty floor to the machine. “Just step inside, you should be fine, okay? You have to be…” He turned his face away, and I was pretty sure it was to shield me from his own fears. And maybe tears…

I opened the door. Inside was like a large, squishy, pillow-covered barrel. I let out a big breath, and climb up and inside. Three steps in I almost tripped over an extra blanket. We had covered the room – and me – in padding. We had no idea how bumpy the trip would be, and it would be a waste if I got to my destination dead from banging around on the walls. So there were pillows and blankets in the room and I was wearing a huge, heavy winter coat over three layers of clothes.

“Hey Gayle, can you hand me my bag? And the straps to hold it down.” The black duffel bag I was borrowing for my trip came flying through the doorway and I had to duck to avoid it. “Thanks.” I muttered, as I started to tie the bag down with the straps that had followed it.

Once I was done I leaned out the door frame. “Hey Gayle, do you have any snacks for the trip?” His head poked around the corner and he rubbed dirt out of his eyes.

“You cannot be serious. You do realise that we have no idea what lies ahead? Snacks? Not the best idea.” He disappeared behind a humming, and slightly rattling, box.

“I was joking. Although, I could go for a chocolate bar right now…” A balled up piece of paper soared past my head. “Wow, you really like throwing stuff at my face today, don’t you?”

“I didn’t throw anything at your face.” He sighed and walked over to me. He put his arms around me, his tall lanky frame enveloping my short one. “Be careful.” He whispered quietly. “You have to come back safe, Nata. . Okay?”

“Got it. Don’t do anything stupid while I’m gone.” I pulled away, climbing back into the Time Machine’s cavernous and now-terrifying stomach. “I’m taking the pill now. When I wake up, I should be where again?”

“When is a better question. Ancient Egypt, and you have to find Cleopatra, and you have to tell her about Caesar’s plot, and you have to warn her, okay?”

“Okay. Now, lets get this over with, if we wait any longer I’m going to chicken out, big time.” I curled up on the floor, pulling the extra blanket around me, and pulled out a small capsule from my jeans pocket.

Unscrewing the lid, I picked up the pill that would render me unconscious for just long enough for me to have an uninterrupted trip to 48 BC, where, if all went well, I would meet Cleopatra and Julius Caesar, and complete the mission that Gayle and I had been planning for 3 years.

I popped the pill in my mouth. It tasted terrible, but it did the trick. Drowsily I closed my eyes. In the distance I could hear Gayle’s voice, but it sounded…blurred…surely he wasn’t actually telling me he loved me? That was too cliche for his style. But then there was a thud as the door swung shut and I could hear mechanic locks shutting me in.

Then my eyes closed, and I was out.



To be continued…


I looked down at my hands in horrified, petrified shock, as the color slowly drained out of them.

Ever since I had met the man who I would spend the rest of my life with, I had been able to see in all the beautiful splendid gift of color, reds and blues, purples and yellows and greens and oranges and pinks…

It had all started when we had seen each other at a dance. That night he had asked me out, and soon we were at our very own wedding, with bouquets of multicolored flowers, rosy pink tablecloths, and a golden arch with deep green ivy climbing it.

It was too bad that not everyone could see it all, especially the shimmering rainbow in the sky above us.

You see, we can only see color when we have met our souls match, our one true love. It sounds cliche, but it’s really an amazing gift, to know exactly who is the right one for you, because suddenly the world is more perfect than you could ever imagine.

At my wedding, lots of people were able to enjoy the bright colors, but it was saddening to see those who couldn’t. Children who didn’t even understand the concept yet were there, but the saddest was my grandmother, sitting next to an empty chair that had been meant for my grandfather, before he passed away.

And she saw none of it, the elegance of all the color around her was gone from her view, and after 53 years of beautiful light and change, she was back to the endless black and white, with shades of gray as the only difference.

And now it was happening to me.

Gasping, I stared around at my living room, trying to memorize the colors of my walls and floors, the purple lamp, the cherry wood table that had been my mothers.

And then I looked into my beautiful little daughter’s eyes, seeing the green with the ring of gold around the black pupil. She was to young to understand what was happening, and was confused by my tears.

Sobbing I knelt to the ground and pulled her close, winding my fingers through her soft yellow curls. I focused on her light skin, her slightly darker freckles spattering her nose, but as I watched, the color disappeared, and her bright eyes darkened to shades of black and white. Her hair was a light gray instead of blonde, and her skin looked ashen.

My husband had died.

I would never see him or color again, I would never see my daughters hair change color, or her eyes sparkle in the light, or watch her get grass stains on her skirt.

Everything would be muted and lost.

And she would have all these experiences without a father.

My one true love had died, and I didn’t know how, or why, but he was gone.

And mine and my daughter’s worlds were changed forever.



Chewy Lemonade Licorice

So, here is another Girls Camp moment, you all ready?

I had decided to get some treats from Dollar Tree to bring to camp, and while I was there I saw these licorice, flavored “Lemonade”. Well, people have told me they really like these, and I’d never tried them, so I thought ‘Hey, why not?’

I’ll tell you why not.

We got to camp and were all hanging out waiting to check in to the lodge-place-thing, and we started to pull out sugar. We were all tired from the long car trip, and I thought something lemonade-flavored might…spark our spirits, you know?

So I called out, “Hey you guys, wanna try this licorice? It’s supposed to be really good.” I handed people some, but then I took a bite.

I frowned and said, “Ugh, this tastes like sadness feels.”

I was just saying it to myself, but it came out louder than it was supposed to, and everyone started laughing.

Needless to say, we didn’t eat much of the licorice.

Moral of the story, watch out for deceiving chewy lemonade licorice, and when you mock said licorice, do so quietly or you will be laughed at.


TrUe BeaUty

True Beauty is found in YOU.

You might be short or tall or average, you might be overweight or anorexic, you might be covered in acne or have the clearest skin.

It doesn’t matter.

You might be of a certain race or have a darker or lighter hair color.

It doesn’t matter.

You might have scars, or maybe your only scars are mental or emotional.

It doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t matter if you are hurt, broken, about to fall apart at any minute.

It doesn’t matter if you are feeling ugly or beautiful right now.

ALWAYS REMEMBER, no matter what you look or feel like, you are amazing. You are gorgeous. You are powerful and smart and wonderful.

It doesn’t matter if you have a hard backstory or a bleak future ahead, you can make it, you can get through whatever you are facing.

You have the strength.

It doesn’t matter if people tell you otherwise, if they call you names, if they hurt you, if they don’t believe.

Because I believe, and you should too.

You already have True Beauty. It is in and on you.

And always remember,

You are loved,

And you are beautiful.

Can You Imagine?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly?

Soaring above the clouds, feeling the wind caress you, weightless in the air, with nothing around you except for your own wings, holding you up, up above the cities and the troubles of the world, pulling you to the tops of the clouds where you could rest, and enjoy the most miraculous views.

Visions of blazing red sunsets, soft golden light creeping over the clouds, the blackest night with the brightest stars…Can you imagine how beautiful it would all be?

Have you ever thought of what it would be like to swim without having to breathe?

The coral reefs, schools of multicolored fish, the warm water swishing about, currents dragging you gently, the soft sand between your toes, the different shades of blues, the crabs scuttling over rocks, a dolphin arcing above the waves, and peace everywhere.

Can you think of breathing in water, feeling the oxygen course through your lungs, without the sharp inhalation of above land air?  Wouldn’t it be amazing?

Just imagine, the gift of the earth we have, just imagine being like an eagle in the clouds, or like a shark swimming in the sea.

Sometimes it’s nice to just think of it all, and imagine.


Singin’ In The Rain

Hey everyone! I just got back from Girls Camp a few minutes ago, and I thought I’d share a quick story.

So, It was more like Girls Glamping, and we had showers.

I was in the shower after an early sunrise hike, and me being me, I was singing to myself. While everyone was trying to sleep. Oops. Well, I kept hearing these thumps, and I could hear my room buddies talking, but every time I paused to listen to what was going on, everything would go quiet. So I’d shrug and keep singing.

I got out and found out that while I had been pouring my soul out in music, they had been chucking shoes, water bottles, hats, and assorted other inanimate objects at the door to get me to shut up. When I had been hearing voices, it was them yelling at me. When I went quiet to listen they would settle down peacefully, thinking I had gotten the message. But since I actually couldn’t hear them, I would start up my ballads once more, and the entire process would begin again.

Hence, when we were given camp awards I was given, “Singin’ In The Rain”, because of my shower experience, and also because whenever it rained I would dance across the field.

I’ll post more camp moments later. Bye!! Thanks for reading 🙂