Kid’s Wisdom

Here’s a fun story.

About 2 years ago, my baby brother, John, was born. He was super cute, and as the first boy in the family, he was also very spoiled by all of us girls.

All of us, that is, except Ella. Ella had been the baby, until John was born, and now, like all older siblings do, she was going through a feeling of displacement and abandonment.

However, she, at age 3, had a simple solution. She needed to get her position as the youngest back.

We discovered her plan of how to do so one day a few weeks after John was born.

Everything was silent. With Ella around, silence is never a good thing. We quickly started searching, and ended up finding her sitting on our Mom’s  bed, next to the sleeping John.

With an eraser in her hand.

See, according to her, the answer to her dilemma was simple. She would erase Baby John, therefore replacing her as the youngest, most spoiled, and most cuddled of the Outlawed children.

Needless to say, the rest of us disagreed with her theory.

Anyways, we managed to explain to her that erasing John was not a good idea, and bribed her with some candy to get her to give up all of her erasers until we deemed her mature enough to get them back.

We still don’t let her near erasers or John at the same time.






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