31st of May

Today I have decided to remember a figure from history, to show how any ordinary day can be extraordinary if you remember the people who make it so.


On May 31st of the year 1443 (or 1441, historians are unsure), an almost forgotten woman was born. Lady Margaret Beaufort, Countess of Richmond and Derby, the mother of King Henry VII of England. Lady Margaret was born at Bletsoe Castle, Bedforshire. She later married…multiple times. Her first marriage was to a John de la Pole, when Margaret was only between one and three years old. The marriage was dissolved three years later, and Margaret never acknowledged it. When she was 12 years old, Margaret remarried to the 24 year old Edmund Tudor, who died a year later, leaving Margaret a widowed 13 year old, and 7 months pregnant with his child. Margaret requested to be buried next to Edmund still, even though she had a stable relationship with husband number 4, whom she married at age 14. This husband, her last, was Thomas Stanley, 1st Earl of Derby. This marriage placed her close to the royal family, and Queen Elizabeth chose her to be godmother to one of her daughters. In 1485, her son Henry VII was crowned. Later on her marriage to Stanley, she took on a vow of chastity, and lived alone although she was often visited by her husband. When her only son, Henry VII died, Margaret was given precedence over all of the other women in the court. Only two months after her sons death, on June 29th 1509, at the age of 66, The Countess passed away at Westminster Abbey. Other than being the King’s mother, Lady Margaret is noted for her instigating of schools, namely, Christ’s College, and Saint John’s College.

Now you are probably wondering why I decided to bore you to death with this. The answer is, I have no idea, other than I am rather bored at the moment. I hope you enjoyed the history lesson 🙂


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