The Basics

Hi! Thanks for finding my blog. I’ve never tried publishing any writing or having a blog of any kind before, so if it’s a little rough around the edges, please comment any suggestions to make it better.

First, I would like to explain what it is I write. The answer? Whatever happens to come into my (very strange) mind. Some of what I publish may be fictional, others memories, others short stories, perhaps fan-girl material, or maybe simply interesting things I’ve learned about. Whatever it is, please bear with me.

Now, I would like to put a few of my own interests on here, so if you are interested in hearing stories from a certain genre of my memories concerning these interests, once again, please comment. I enjoy acting, ballroom dance, singing, reading, wasting way too much time on the internet, and spending time with my crazy friends.

I also enjoy writing, although whether I am any good at it, I will let you decide.

Thanks again!!!

The Outlawed Princess


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